First Impressions
No. 03 - Part 03 - Nottingham Road
w/e 10 January 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

At the start of Part 2 of this series I wrote about hitting the wall that marathon runners often encounter as it had been eighteen months since Part 1. Unfortunately that "wall" grew even bigger and the gap to this part has been over two and a half years. As we begin a new year, I resolved to start demolishing the wall and make an effort to drive through to an eventual conclusion so here goes with the next part.

Former Brickworks Site

We concluded Part 2 on the northern side of the bridge over the Erewash Canal and begin now on the southern side of the road where we can look across the canal to the industrial units opposite. It was from here in the 1880s that the Gallows Inn Brickworks operated.
Malthouse Site

The town of Ilkeston grew from a number of small communities that merged over the years to become the town we know today. One such community was clustered at the bottom of Nottingham Road in the Gallows Inn area on both sides of the canal. Back in 1881 there were a number of small buildings on what is now the Rutland Windows car park and approximately where the cars can be seen parked was a malthouse. None of the buildings or the road seen beyond on the left hand side of Nottingham Road existed then between the Malthouse and the Mission Hall on the corner of Little Hallam Lane. This was just an open piece of land with a footpath running across it to a lane which ran from the south to join Little Hallam Lane. The lane was eventually developed to become Corporation Road.
Thurman Street

By 1900 the open land had been developed and a road, Thurman Street, driven through to link with the lane forming The Triangle (opposite the red car) before joining the lane that was to become Corporation Road.
Brooke Street

Thurman Street was constructed directly opposite Brooke Street which dates from before 1881 as the OS map of the year shows it already in existence with a terrace of houses on the left and another further along on the right. Brooke Street has since been extended and developed with many more newer properties.
Corner Shops

The next street along is Adam Street, unadopted in 1881 and still unadopted now. Ilkeston's main shopping street, Bath Street, once boasted large stores such as Woolworths, Marks and Spencer and British Home Stores which have now all sadly gone from there but, like many other towns, it also had many small independent corner shops that could be found all over the town. Many of these too in living memory have disappeared but there are still quite a number in the Gallows Inn area as can be seen at the junction of Nottingham Road and Adam Street.
Petrol Station

On the corner of Roberts Street, the next street along Nottingham Road there used to be a petrol station but this was demolished last year to be replaced by ..... a petrol station! This petrol station though is owned by Asda and also incorporates a mini-supermarket so one wonders if and how long the corner shops can survive.
Lay By

Some of the shops opposite are not in direct competition with the supermarket and Johnny's Fish and Chip Shop for one should not be affected. The Post Office is due to close soon and plans are afoot to move its services to the Happy Shopper (another corner shop) about 100 yards up the road.The lay by in front of the shops is a fairly new addition and allows short term parking to provide access to the shops.
Roberts Street

On the opposite corner of Roberts Street to the petrol station is a solid rather featureless brick building which I believe at one time in the last decade was due to be demolished and the site developed. That never happened and the existing building was just modified to create its existing appearance.

Roberts Street 2008

Back in October 2008 when I took this picture, the building the former Crown Club has ceased operation and closed its doors for the last time. Another difference to notice between the two pictures is how the trees have been "pruned" since 2008. I'm no tree surgeon but ....
Methodist Church

Standing opposite Roberts Street is the Nottingham Road Methodist Church, two interconnected buildings from different periods of history. The newer part on the left dates from 1958.
Mission Hall

The older part of the church on the corner of Little Hallam Lane has a stone panel on the gable from 1897. It stands on the site of the Mission Hall marked on the 1881 map. There is another stone inscription which can be seen from Little Hallam Lane and this reads "Primitive Methodist Sunday School 1883". Rather than repeat it here you can read more about the history of the church on the Ilkeston (South) - Places of Worship page from January 2012. Before moving on to the next part it's perhaps worth pointing out that fourteen bombs fell on Ilkeston between August 31st and September 29th 1940 and about half of them landed in the Gallows Inn area with five of them between the Erewash Canal and Little Hallam Lane. The intended target would have been the nearby Stanton Ironworks.
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