The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Ilkeston - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
w/e 05 June 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

As the four day Platinum Jubilee celebration comes to a close, social media is awash with photos of street parties, beacon lightings and other images that will be a reminder for many people in years to come. For this selection of images though I've concentrated mainly on how the town was decorated in the week leading up to and during the celebration as I did for the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Town Hall

Bunting was strung across the Market Place and on the Town Hall along with the Union Flag and a stark reminder that all is not well in the world . The Ukrainian flag also flew from the Town Hall showing solidarity with the people of that war torn country.
South Street

Bunting also adorned the buildings leading from the Market Place on South Street.

At the other end of South Street there was obviously more bunting on the shops plus Union Flags in Earls windows and Platinum Jubilee flags on the Spanish Bar.
Lower Market Place

It was a similar story on the Lower Market Place with streams of bunting strung all the way.
Library & War Memorial

The Library too had a string of bunting and the War Memorial was also decorated.
Thursday Market

Thursday was the first day of the four day celebration and it was also a Bank Holiday but the market was held as usual and several of the stall holders were flying the flag.
Bath Street

Window displays and bunting were the order of the day on Bath Street from top to bottom.
Memorable Events

Many shop windows had commemorative displays for this memorable event and he shop that goes by the name of Memorable Events had really gone to town.

Jubilee Emblem

The image right at the top of this page shows the five flower beds on the island at the southern end of Chalons Way which were planted during the week with the Union Flag pattern that had proved so popular in previous years. The Council workers have also been busy in Victoria Park and recreated the official Platinum Jubilee emblem in the carpet bed near the bandstand.
Celebratory Coffee

And it was whilst we were in the park that we enjoyed a celebratory coffee in a commemorative paper cup from the Barefoot in the Park kiosk by the bowling green.

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