Ilkeston - Diamond Jubilee Weekend
w/e 03 June 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Debra Display

Compared to the Golden Jubilee ten years ago, the build up to this weekend's Diamond Jubilee celebrations seems to have been rather low key although most of the charity shops in town have had patriotic window displays for some time. This one in the Albion Centre actually included a visit from the Royal couple themselves.
Flags & Bunting

Towards the weekend most of the pubs in the Market Place started to sport flags and bunting. The observant among you will also notice that the King's Head has recently undergone a refurbishment and reverted to this name after a number of years when it was called the Moon and Sixpence.
Avago Crafts

On Saturday Avago Crafts had a market stall outside the King's Head where plates could be decorated with a Jubilee theme.
Burger Bar

There was also a Jubilee theme at the Burger Bar outside the Town Hall where the tables were clothed with Union Flags. The Town Hall itself, draped with bunting, will be the site on Monday evening for a gathering of folk to watch the lighting of one of the beacons that are to be lit all over the country.
St Mary's

Several of the market stalls also had Union Flag bunting whilst St Mary's Church was flying the national flag of St George.
Co-op Windows

The Co-op was also flying a flag of the Union variety and most of the shop windows featured displays with a red, white and blue theme.
Car Flags

Ten years ago, the Golden Jubilee coincided with a World Cup year and back then it was not unusual to see vehicles with both Union and St George's flags attached to them. Although the Euro Championships are shortly to begin there aren't as many flags visible as back then but some motorists have again brought out the emblems for the Jubilee.
Patriotic Island

Perhaps the most significant display of patriotism in Ilkeston though can be seen on the large island at the southern end of Châlons Way where the Union Flag has been recreated in red, white and blue flowers on each of the five beds on the island.

A much smaller but nonetheless patriotic display could be seen in the two tubs outside St Mary's Church on Sunday morning where the conifers had been supplemented with red, white and blue flowers together with a small flag.
Jubilee Celebration

It was on Sunday that the rains came and put a damper on many street parties in the borough that the newly installed Mayor of Erewash Councillor Jennifer Hulls together with her husband Bob were to attend in the afternoon with more lined up for Monday and Tuesday. They did find time in their busy schedule on Sunday morning though to be in St Mary's for a Special Diamond Jubilee Service led by the Mayor's Chaplain for 2012/13 Reverend Michael Petitt. The service was followed in the Cantelupe Centre by a piece of Jubilee Cake baked by Pauline Hyde and a sparkling toast to the Queen.

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