Victoria Park in 2024 - One Fine Day
w/e 09 June 2024

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Galaxy S20 Mobile Phone.

Apparently last month in the UK was the warmest May on record - you could have fooled me - but the second day of June gave us one fine day with blue skies, sunshine and a glimpse of summer. Since then however the temperature has taken a dip each day but hopefully that one fine day was a taste of things to come.

Play Area

We entered the park this time from Manners Road and followed the path around the play area.

We had arrived along with many more people just in time for the start of Erewash's "Bold as Brass" event which will see a series of concerts at various locations across the Borough during the summer.

Ilkeston Brass

The town's own brass band, Ilkeston Brass, had the honour of performing the first concert to open the event and their music provided the background soundtrack all the while we were in to the park.
Long Border

We walked past the bandstand, through the pergola and skirted the edge of the circular bed in the central area, pausing only for this view of the long border.

Here we left the path and took to the grass passing an area of wildflowers where in the corner of the hedges is the strategically placed insect hotel.
Bowling Green

Looking over the hedge, there was no-one on the bowling green but the Barefeet in the Park kiosk looked to be doing a good trade, presumably in ice creams rather than hot drinks.

We left the park temporarily but re-entered through the Manners Road/Bristol Road gates and spotted a splash of colour in the shrubs at the side of the path.
Empty Beds

I have to admit it was disappointing to see the empty flower beds in the central area. Whether this is due to cut backs as the Council manages its budget or just a temporary measure prior to the Britain In Bloom competition we shall just have to wait and see.
Under The Duke Oak

There was an empty park bench so we sat for a while beneath the branches of the Duke Oak and listened to the music from the nearby bandstand.

There were a number of dogs being walked and at least one usually makes our acquaintance when we visit the park. On this occasion our canine encounter was with Fred but his attention soon switched as he fixed his eyes on another approaching dog.
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