Victoria Park in 2024 - Here We Go Again
w/e 04 February 2024

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

A month by month look at Ilkeston's Victoria Park in 2024 - Part 01 January.

Storms with strong winds and heavy rainfall have lashed the country recently and resulted in fallen trees, floods and damage to many properties and it's been a pretty miserable start to the new year. Ilkeston, being situated on a hill, has escaped relatively lightly but there are still signs of the havoc caused by the storms. On the brightest day of the week when the grey clouds cleared and the sun shone through we decided to walk off a little of the Christmas excesses and inevitably our route led us through Victoria Park.

Leisure Centre

We entered the park through the gates near the Victoria Leisure Centre where water was streaming down the path from the park and creating a large puddle on the corner.

Some of the water emanated from a raised manhole, now surrounded by a barrier, which was probably as a result of the storm surge but more water was flowing from further up the path too.
Barefeet in the Park

Despite the weather, Barefeet in the Park was open for business so we decided to break our walk and have a coffee.
Bowling Green

We sat under the verandah to sip our warming drink and looked out over the bowling green, still glistening with surface water, towards Bristol Road.
To Manners Road

After our drink we moved further into the park, passing the path leading to Manners Road, where more water was streaming down from the sodden ground.
Information Board

As we walked up the slope past the information board, the waterlogged ground was draining towards the central beds and creating more puddles along the edge of the path.

In fact the puddles stretched all the way across the path at one point but on the other side of the central beds, a small group was sitting on a park bench and folding chairs to enjoy their morning refreshment.

Play Area

Looking the other way through the trees to the children's play area also showed water covered paths.

Even on the higher ground in the park, the ground was still sodden.

As it was too all down the Bristol Road side of the park and other walkers through the park were well advised to stick to the paths rather than cross the waterlogged ground. It was a case of sticking to the paths or possibly getting stuck in the mud. The park has suffered from the gales but will surely return to its pristine best as the year progresses. We will be back!
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