Ilkeston Town Walk - Stage 22 - Wharncliffe Road
w/e 16 May 2004

The Manse

Harry Tatham-Sudbury was a prominent architect and designer in the early part of the twentieth century and we have already seen examples of his work in this series at Toll Bar House, the Cenotaph on the Market Place and the 1905 United Reformed Church which is also pictured above. "The Manse" next to the church was also designed by Mr. Tatham-Sudbury but as the tablets beneath the windows show, this was not built until 1927.
The Red House

The next property down on Wharncliffe Road pre-dates the church by some five or six years being built in 1899 but this too is built to one of Harry's designs. This is "The Red House" which was later used as a hotel.
Croft House 

The third property down from the church, Croft House, is yet another designed by Ilkeston's prominent architect of the time, this one dating from 1926. At this time of year, trees and shrubs tend to shield this property from the road but whether these were included in the original design or not, I'm not sure although I wouldn't be surprised.
 Wharncliffe Road

Looking back up Wharncliffe Road (especially now that the trees have been pruned) the view has changed little for many years. Search the Picture The Past site for DCER000144 and see a similar picture to this taken circa 1930. The Edwardian architecture may not be to everyone's liking but Harry Tatham- Sudbury certainly left the town a legacy which I, for one, am thankful.
Wharncliffe Road Panorama

The photos on this page were all taken earlier this week with the exception of this panoramic view which I took today, Sunday, in much better weather at the junction with West End Drive. Click here or the image above to open another window showing a larger version (173kb) of the picture above in which Wharncliffe Road runs across from left to right with Pimlico, leading back to the Market Place, straight ahead. The tower of St Mary's Church can just be seen at the top of Pimlico. Our route from here is down West End Drive (extreme right) but first a look at the building opposite on the left.

Magistrates' Court

This building is in complete contrast to the Edwardian splendour of Harry Tatham-Sudbury and is a much more modern structure, purpose built for the East Derbyshire Magistrates' Court. My understanding is that the court is scheduled for closure which begs the questions "What do you do with a purpose built court?" and "Will it stand the test of time like Harry's designs?"
West End Drive

From outside the court we can now look down West End Drive towards the Rutland Recreation Ground which will be the next port of call on our walk around the town.

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