Ilkeston Town Walk - Stage 08 - Union Road & Belper Street
w/e 27 April 2003

Union Road

Picking up our wanderings around the town on Union Road, a look back to where we left off in the previous Stage reveals an interesting variety of buildings. Terraced houses on the right look across to semi-detached properties with small front gardens or yards on the left and a newer detached dwelling on the corner of Belper Street.
Belper Street

And yet another dimension to the variety of buildings is visible about half way along Belper Street with the addition of three storey factories .

The factories were once engaged in the same business but the one on the left hand side of the street now houses the offices of Charnos. Once an employer of many Ilkestonians at their Hallam Fields site, the hosiery, lingerie and knitwear manufacturer now has a much smaller presence in the town and the Hallam Fields site now stands empty.
Egyptian Import

Most people passing along Belper Street would hardly give the factory on the right a second glance but I had the cheek to ask if I could have a look round to take some photos for this site and the management were very obliging. The photo above and the two below therefore, provide a little quiz for you with three clues. The first clue shows an import from Egypt.
Metal Object

In this one, the metal object is just one of thousands that are used in the manufacturing process.
John Jardine, Maker

And the final clue is a name plate that states "John Jardine, Maker, Nottingham". So there we have it. As Loyd Grosman might have said on the "Through The Keyhole" TV programme, "An Egyptian import, thousands of metal objects and John Jardine. What do you think the end product could be?"
You'll find the answer in the Stage 9 of the Town Walk.

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