Ilkeston Town Walk - Stage 06 - Park Road
w/e 16 February 2003

Up Park Road

Park Avenue, the road from the cemetery, changes to Park Drive at its intersection with Park Road, often referred to just as "the crossroads". Our route will soon take us up Park Road but first a short detour in the opposite direction.
Down Park Road

This is the view down the hill from the crossroads, much changed from when it formed part of an ancient pack horse trail to Nottingham known as the Monk's Way* or Path.
*See another series on Ilkeston Cam all about the Monk's Way.
Corner Post Office

This is far as we go on our detour - to where Park Road turns left and the sub Post Office stands on the corner. The ancient route to Nottingham was possibly one of the "green roads" dating back thousands of years. Even today the road to the right of the Post Office goes by the name of Green Lane.
Sudbury Almshouses

But returning to the crossroads we can now turn our attention to the Sudbury Almshouses on the corner of Park Road and Park Avenue.
Memorial Plaque

Plaques on the houses are memorials to Alderman Francis Sudbury J.P. who in 1887 became the first Mayor of Ilkeston and went on to hold that position six times in total.
Lime St and Graham St

Continuing up the hill past the almshouses, we now turn first left into Lime Street (top) and then right to Graham Street (bottom). This will lead us to one of the main thoroughfares through the town, Nottingham Road, which is where we'll pick up our walk in the next stage.

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