Derby - The Ram Trail (11 - 20)
w/e 04 July 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
Derby - The Ram Trail

The Ram Trail ( is a "Wild In Art" event held in Derby city centre during the summer of 2021 and this is the second part of the Trail which looks at ten more of the decorated rams.

The Orrery

We started this middle portion of the Trail outside Derby Cathedral where we found "The Orrery" , ram by artist Stephanie Siân Coley and sponsored by Timms Solicitors.
Groovy Derby Ram

We walked down Iron Gate to the Market Place where Pea's "Groovy Derby Ram" a ram covered in thousands of reflective mirrors had been sponsored by the Cathedral Quarter's Business Improvement District (BID).

Continuing along Iron Gate - the cathedral can be seen here in the background - the next ram was the first of two by Lynne Hollingsworth. Called "Play" it was sponsored by Cosy.
Nurse Nightingale

Returning to the Market Place and outside the Quad at the other end to the "Groovy" ram, Elaine Lim-Newton's "Nurse Nightingale" had an appropriate sponsor in the Derby and Burton Hospitals Charity.
Flamsteed's Ram

At the rear of the Quad and near the Sir Peter Hilton Memorial Garden with its small statue called "Boy and Goose" which can be seen here in the background is number 15 of the Ram Trail. This one was sponsored by Wathall's and is "Flamsteed's Ram" by Catherine J Bell.
Pride In Derby

Across Corporation Street from the Memorial Garden are Derby City Council's offices and it was the Council that sponsored Marie Arroyo Lopez's "Pride In Derby" that stands outside.
Come On You Rams!

The Riverside Gardens are behind the Council offices and the Law Courts and on the path leading to the Gardens between the Courts and the Bus Station is a ram by artist Adam Worton and sponsored by Middlebrook Transport. With a football theme it is called "Come On You Rams!".

Opposite that path leading to the Riverside Gardens and standing on the wide pavement is Kathleen Smith's Stancliffe Hall sponsored "Ar'Baaaa'retum". You can also see in this image behind the ram, not only the Quad but also the cathedral.

Memories Fade But Warmth Remains

Watching the buses come and go from the Morledge is the second ram by artist Lynne Hollingsworth. Sponsored by Treetops Hospice this sunflower decorated ram is called "Memories Fade But Warmth Remains".

The final ram in this selection, number 20, can be found inside what used to be called the Eagle Centre but now goes by the name of Derbion. And it was Derbion that sponsored "Poseidon" by Marta Zubieta.

We later returned to Derby for the final 10 of the 30 rams on the Trail and they can be seen here.
The first 10 rams can be seen here.

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