Derby - The Ram Trail (1 - 10)
w/e 06 June 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
Derby - The Ram Trail

In the early days of the Ilkeston Cam website I included a page all about the Derby Ram (link). Now getting on for 20 years later, 30 more rams have flocked into Derby and can be found all around the city centre. They arrived at the end of May and will be rounded up after August 22nd to be auctioned off to raise money for Derby Museums. All have been sponsored by local companies, organisations and charities and decorated by different artists. The Ram Trail is a "Wild In Art" event and more details can be found at
The images below are the first ten on the Trail and all have settled in the Cathedral Quarter of Derby.

The Derby Ram

Although this is not one of the new rams, it is a good starting point being the original "Derby Ram" stone sculpture by Michael Pegler that arrived in the city 25 years ago that has been the inspiration for the Ram Trail. Tony Butler, Executive Director of Derby Museums says that the Trail's legacy will help future generations to enjoy and appreciate their cultural heritage and museums.

The first ram on the Trail can be found outside the Museum and Art Gallery at the end of The Strand. It is called "Rantastic" and was designed by Mr. A Singh and sponsored by Generation Next.

Looking very Egyptian and sponsored by Bloc Creative, "Rameses" decorated by Judith Berril stands at the crossroads of Friar Gate with Stafford Street and Ford Street.
Herding Togethjer To RAMp Up Quality

Rams 3 and 4 have both taken up residence in the walkway next to the Willow Sports Centre where Pip Claffey of Rune-Creative's rather lengthily named "Herding together to RAMp up quality" contribution was sponsored by Van Elle.
Football Word Cloud

Nearby and garnering quite a lot of attention whilst we were there, is Melanie Hubbard's "Football Word Cloud" which naturally enough was sponsored by Derby County Football Club.

"Mondriram" is not far from the cathedral and is outside Flint Bishop on Queen Street. Sponsored by Valliant it is decorated by Tim Sutcliffe.
Ram Gogh & Joe's Rainbow

Two of the rams "Ram Gogh - Starry Night over the Dales" (left) and "Joe's Rainbow" (right) stand together outside Jury's Inn. Donna Newman of Eden-Designs is responsible for the Smith Partnership's sponsored "Ram Gogh" whilst "Joe's Rainbow was sponsored by Essential Print Services and decorated by Ella Annetts.
Derby Industries

Number 8 on the Trail is on Cathedral Green near the Silk Mill which has just reopened as the Museum of Making. Sponsored by Rolls Royce "Derby Industries" is by Sarita Gnaniah of SATI Designs.
Secret R.A.M

The Silk Mill can be seen here in the background but standing on the shady side of the Bonny Prince statue is "Secret R.A.M." by Jess Rerrin. Its sponsor was the Pektron Group Ltd.

Pirate Sheepmate

The final one in this selection is also at the Bonny Prince statue but on the sunny side. Complete with parrot, "Pirate Sheepmate" is Reilly Creative's design sponsored by the SENAD Group.

That's the first 10 on the Trail and we retuned to see more of the Ram Trail later - see here for nos. 11 to 20.
Later still we returned for the final 10 - click here for no.s 21 to 30

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