First Impressions
No. 03 - Part 01 - Nottingham Road
w/e 08 January 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

At the start of a new year, we'll also begin to follow the third route of this occasional series looking at the main roads into Ilkeston. Working in a clockwise direction we have already followed Millership Way and Station Road so now move on to Nottingham Road.

Ilkeston Road

We actually begin this route though just outside the town boundary on Ilkeston Road at Trowell in the county of Nottinghamshire. Not only is this one of the roads into Ilkeston from the south, it is also the main road through Trowell from Nottingham. On the right of this image is the footbridge over the railway line that runs through the Erewash Valley and the entrance on the right once gave access to the Trowell Station site and goods yard that was here until it became a victim of Dr. Beeching's axe in the sixties. Another structure that prior to the night of 25/26 June 2010 would have been seen towards the centre of the picture, was the Eagle Mill. It was on that night that a fire engulfed the building and it was subsequently demolished. There is a video of the fire on YouTube.
Public Footpath

The chevrons in the previous picture indicate where the Ilkeston Road ends and turns to cross the River Erewash. It is also the point where this pubic footpath leads to the footbridge over the railway and on up to the Nottingham Canal. It was by this path that we completed the Dragonfly Trail and it also marks the conclusion of a Sentimental Journey where the image of the footbridge in the final part also shows the Eagle Mill.
Nottingham Road

So from where the footpath joins at the corner and the road turns to cross the River Erewash we enter Derbyshire and reach Nottingham Road in Ilkeston.
River Erewash

From the bridge the river that marks the boundary between the counties can be seen meandering its way from the north as can one of several railway bridges across the water feature that are common throughout the valley. Up on the right, the hedge line marks the route of the now disused Nottingham Canal whilst vehicles parked at the side of the river on the left are on the Furnace Road Industrial Site.

The entrance to Furnace Road from Nottingham Road is adjacent to the road bridge over the river and ex-pats may be surprised to see the welcome to Ilkeston sign by KRM Building Supplies on this corner. Previously a garage and petrol station stood here and the building behind now occupied by Belfield Furnishings once served as a distribution depot for Cadbury's chocolate.
Playing Field

Nottingham Road at Gallows Inn Playing FieldOn the south side of the bridge, the view along the river shows that the channel has been straightened out to run alongside the Gallows Inn Playing Fields.The playing fields were a post war project and were opened to the public in 1957. The creation of the playing fields and straightening of the river involved the construction of a flood area between the two and in the 1960s it was not unusual to see whippet racing (similar to greyhound racing but along a linear route rather than on oval circuit in a stadium) being conducted here. Many years ago the town gallows stood near here and although they have long since been removed the area still retains the name.
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