Shipley Park - Miller-Mundy Memories
w/e 04 November 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
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Part 11 - Way Back

Shipley LaneShipley LaneIn this part of our walk around Shipley Country Park, not only do we go way back in history - well about 100 years anyway - but also make our way back to the car park and the Visitor Centre where we began the series. There will however be another part in the form of an appendix but we resume this time near the Home Farm entrance (left) and continue down Shipley Lane (right) to Derby Lodge.
Lodge Gates

Position of bellHeanor Memorial Park GatesWooden gates now hang from the impressive gate posts at Derby Lodge but the higher more ornate wrought iron gates that originally hung here were moved to the Heanor Memorial Park (right) a few miles away. A hole through one of the posts (left) and other markings clearly indicate the position of the bell that had to be rung by visitors to the Estate in order to gain access.
Derby Lodge

Tea Room Open SignSpotted Wolf EmblemAs we learned earlier in the series, Derby Lodge is one of a duplicate pair of buildings at opposite ends of Lodge Walk dating from 1911, the other being Nottingham Lodge. Formerly called Mapperley Lodge, Derby Lodge is in a better state of repair than its twin and is now opened occasionally as tea rooms. Also like its partner Nottingham (formerly Ilkeston) Lodge and many other buildings on the Estate, the Spotted Wolf emblem of the Miller-Mundy family is prominently displayed (right).

Lodge WalkShipley LaneLeaving the garden of Derby Lodge by a small rear gate, we once again become reacquainted with Lodge Walk (left) but turning left leads us back to Shipley Lane at its junction with Bell Lane (right). Bell Lane, of course is another reference to coal mining, the name being derived from the mediaeval bell pits. Just beyond Bell Lane, our route now is along this footpath (above) towards the trees on the horizon.
Osborne's Pond

From the high point on the path, there are some good views all around the park including this zoomed shot down the hill to Osborne's Pond, the Nutbrook Trail and Marlpool beyond. This is always a good view but trees in their autumn colours give it an added dimension.
Cinderhill Trail

Our route though is onwards to the trees that we saw on the horizon. They stand on the area known as Cinderhill Coppice and a path through the coppice splits into two to form a circular route called the Cinderhill Trail. The trees were planted in 1976 on the former spoil-tip of Coppice Colliery and I believe in order to give a good basis for growth, copious amounts of sewage were deposited. Public access was obviously not granted but when the trees had become established, the Cinderhill Trail was created as an "access for all" facility and is suitable for disabled visitors to the Shipley Park.

Cinderhill Trail

Winding Wheel MemorialWood from the felled beech trees on Shipley Hill was used to create several sculptures around the trail but the ravages of time, nature and possibly a little vandalism too has now transformed most of them in useful habitats for insects. Some have disappeared altogether but the tree growth has continued unabated. For comparison there is another page on this site following the Cinderhill Trail shortly after it opened in 2002 - click here to view. From the exit to the Trail, a path now leads directly to the car park and the winding wheel memorial (right) near where we started our Miller-Mundy Memories walk.
Visitor Centre

Exhibition AreaBut the series would not be complete without a look in the Visitor Centre. The Centre acts as a base for the Park Rangers and there is usually a helpful member of staff available to answer any queries the visitor may have. Inside too there is a gift shop, a cafe that is very popular with visitors to the Park, a number of meeting rooms, toilets and last but not least, an exhibition area (right) with photos, paintings and even a model of Shipley Hall. We'll take a closer look at that in the next and final part of the series and fill in some of the gaps that only had a brief mention during the walk.

Part 12 - The Appendix will also allow me the opportunity to share some of the additional information that has accumulated from various correspondents and other sources during the course of the series.

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