Ilkeston - (Not So) Iconic Buildings - Part 02
w/e 03 April 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

As noted in Part 01 of this mini-series, there have been a lot of changes in Ilkeston since the middle of the last century but some iconic buildings still remain and would be instantly recognised by anyone who was around at the time if they saw images of them today. On the other hand there are more iconic structures that have disappeared in the intervening years and in many cases replaced by some "not so iconic" buildings. In this part we take a look at those replacements - you can make your own judgment but if you want to see what they have replaced, I've added a reference below each image. Copy that reference into the search box at Picture The Past and it will bring up an old photo often with more information about the buildings we have lost.

Park Road

Part 01 ended with a view of the former EMEB offices in Toll Bar House. EMEB also had a depot and offices nearby in Park Road and years ago before that it was the Tram Depot. Now the old buildings have all gone to be replaced by a housing estate.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER001656
Cavendish Road

The Park Road housing estate also covers an area once occupied by Gladstone and Hallcroft (later Cantelupe) Schools and another school site, that of Cavendish Girls, is now also a new housing estate.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCCS000850

The Cavendish School also became an annex first to Cantelupe School and then to the South East Derbyshire College of Further Education (SEDC). The College buildings were demolished and replaced by Morrisons Supermarket with its sports ground/playing fields becoming another housing estate.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER000937
Job Centre

We also saw in Part 01 two churches that are still instantly recognisable, St Mary;s on the Market Place and the URC on Wharncliffe Road. Other churches and chapel have not been so fortunate. On South Street for example the Methodist Church site is now occupied by the Job Centre.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCCS000927
Wilko & St Andrew's

Similarly on Bath Street the Central Methodist Church (now Wilko) was demolished in 1971 and the congregation joined with the Primitive Methodists a little further down the road to form St Andrew's Methodist Church on the site of the also demolished Primitive Methodist Church.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER001020 and DCCS000375

Bath Street

Cinemas in the town have also suffered the same fate. There were four in the middle of the last century and with a midweek change of programme you could easily see a different film every day of the week. The Scala is the only one to survive as a cinema and whilst the Ritz building still stands, it is currently undergoing refurbishment since closing as a Bingo Hall. The other two cinemas have been demolished. Opposite Mount Street (on the left here) the King's Cinema on Bath Street made way for a row of shops and flats.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCCS000111
Care Home

The other cinema in the town in the 1950s and 60s was then known as the New Theatre. Previously it had been called Vint's Electric Picturedrome, The Coliseum and The Theatre Royal but after it closed in 1963 it became a Bingo Hall. The building was demolished in 1990 and a Care Home built in its place.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER001379

Another entertainment establishment at the bottom of Bath Street was the Rutland Hotel which later became Crockers and Kristies Nightclub in the 1980s and 90s. Now an Aldi Supermarket stands on the site where many other buildings opposite were also demolished to make way for the island at the northern end of Chalons Way.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER000141
Former Gas Works

Among other developments opposite the former Rutland Hotel are the Tesco Supermarket and across Rutland Street from Tesco's car park are other businesses like KFC and MacDonald's to name but two. They occupy the site where many years ago the Gas Works stood.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER000915
Corporation Road

Another industrial site that has seen recent redevelopment is on Corporation Road where the former Charnos factory was demolished and replaced yet again with, yes you've probably guessed it, more housing.
Picture The Past Ref. - DCER001758

As we can see therefore, Ilkeston has lost many iconic buildings and although some still remain, those that have replaced them are generally less than iconic. There are now plans to build thousands of more houses in the neighbourhood, some of them controversially on Green Belt land but it is very unlikely any of them will be anywhere near as iconic as those that we have lost.

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