Ilkeston - Iconic Buildings - Part 01
w/e 27 March 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

There have been many changes in Ilkeston during the last half century but imagine you grew up in the town and then moved away for about that length of time. Now, all those years later, you see images of some iconic buildings or structures and immediately think "That's Ilkeston." I've been trying out a new camera this week and whilst wandering around the town I've captured some images of those iconic buildings.

Victoria Park

Recent refurbishment of the pergola and bandstand has changed their appearance slightly but together with the pillars from the old Nottingham jail they will immediately say "Victoria Park" to Ilkestonians wherever they are.
Two Pubs

Two pubs framing St Mary's Church when seen from Pimlico will also be instantly recognisable.
Scala Cinema

As will the impressive facade of the Scala Cinema.
Town Hall

The Italianate features of the Town Hall and the fountain in the corner of the Market Place are also identifiable as being two iconic structures in the town centre.
Co-op Corner

And of course the 1930s building on the corner of Wharncliffe Road with the other adjacent buildings on South Street will bring a chorus of "That's the Co-op corner" even though the Co-op is no longer present in Ilkeston.
Wharncliffe Road

Those imaginary Ilkestonians who haven't seen the town for fifty plus years will also recognise the Police Station and Congregational Church on Wharncliffe Road but the Police Station is now a business centre and the church became part of the United Reformed Church.

Market Place

St Mary's Church still overlooks the town centre as it has done for centuries but apart from the addition of the Cantelupe Centre and the fact that buses no longer park on the Market Place, it looks pretty much the same as it did fifty years ago.

A familiar sight at the end of the Market Place is the Carnegie Library and of course the town's main War Memorial.
South Street

The name Hogarth's and Beacon Ritz may not be familiar but the buildings on South Street will be. Back in the day Hogarth's was the main Post Office and the former Bingo Hall which closed recently and is currently undergoing some restoration work was one of the town's four cinemas. The King's on Bath Street and the New Theatre on Lord Haddon Road have disappeared altogether and the Scala is the town's only surviving cinema.
Toll Bar House

The road layout at White Lion Square has changed a lot but the familiar iconic building on the corner of Stanton Road and Derby Road that once served as the EMEB offices at No. 1 Derby Road, is now a business centre in the renamed Toll Bar House.

Sadly many more of the town's iconic structures have been demolished and in
Part 02, we'll take a look at some of the "Not So Iconic" replacements.

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