Nottingham - Highfields Lakeside South
w/e 15 August 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Our walk along the north side of the lake in Highfields Park had taken us to the island two thirds of the way along the lake. The images below were all taken on our return to the car park at the Lakeside Arts Centre along the south side of the lake.

On The Island

We walked in the shade of the trees on the island to emerge into the bright sunshine on a second bridge over the water and onto the south side of the lake.
From The Footbridge

From the bridge we could see the lake widening out and also the level surfaced footpath leading round its edge which contrasts with the uneven narrow path that rises and falls along much of the north side.
The Terrace

The flattest part of the path on the north side is where it crosses the terrace below the Trent Building of Nottingham University and there was a good view of the said terrace as we left the bridge.

Trent Building

But the classic photo of the terrace and the Trent Building is one that has been taken thousands of times by numerous people from just a little further along the path. Built in 1928 the Trent Building is named after Lord Trent and founder of Boots the Chemists, Jesse Boot who donated land for the University at Highfields.
Wide Path

Along this south side there are a number of strategically positioned boards many of them giving details of plants and animals. There was also mention of a dinosaur trail - but on our leisurely stroll along this wide path we didn't really expect to see any of the extinct beasts.

Having said that we did spot the skeletal figure of a dinosaur that has been added to a door on the boathouse.

Across from the boathouse a slipway into the water has been commandeered by waterfowl as a potential feeding point. The building top right is the Lakeside Arts Centre.

And as we passed the colourful boats were being manoeuvred into position in the centre of the lake.
Adventure Golf

Near the ticket kiosk for the boating lake and on the other side of the path to the lake is the Adventure Golf and Foot Golf Course. This was still being constructed when we last visited Highfields Park but it is now fully open.

We completed our circuit of the lake at the concourse in front of the Lakeside Arts Centre and with one last look back, headed behind the building and back to the car park.
Click here to see the north side of the lake.

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