Nottingham - Highfields Lakeside North
w/e 08 August 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We took advantage of the recent spell of fine weather to visit Highfields Park at Nottingham to enjoy a walk around the lake. In the past we have usually walked along the path in a clockwise direction along the south side of the lake to complete the circuit but this time decided to take the anti-clockwise route so all of these images come from the north side of the lake.

Canada Geese

We left the car park and walked on the grass behind the Lakeside Arts Centre to reach the path where our progress was halted by a procession of Canada Geese that left the water to approach a couple who had come to feed them.


Once past the birds we joined the unmade path which was separated from the water by a swathe of colourful plants that begged the question "Are they weeds or wildflowers?" But then again, a weed is only a flower that a gardener doesn't want.
Uneven Path

Whereas the path on the south side of the lake is surfaced and level, here on the north side it is uneven and rises and falls along the hillside.

In the past we have seen many squirrels on the north side but this time we didn't see any at all. Instead a lone rabbit came down the hillside, sat for a moment in the middle of the path before disappearing in the plants on the left.
Short Path

A short path leads down to the water's edge and a bench which would be a good place to sit and enjoy the view - except for a large amount of litter left by previous visitors.
Meandering Path

We continued up and down and along the meandering path which offered only fleeting glimpses of the lake (above) and also on Nottingham University's Trent Building high up on the hillside on the right.

Eventually the path reached a straighter section with a fence to prevent any mishaps caused by people getting too close to the water's edge.

The path then reached the terrace directly below the Trent Building.

Continuing beyond the terrace the path enters a wooded area bounded on the right by a sandstone cliff. This is the same sandstone outcrop visible below the Castle and in which the caves below the city of Nottingham were created. It can also be seen locally in Hermit's Wood at Dale Abbey and in the cellars below the Erewash Museum in Ilkeston as well as many other places.

At about two thirds of the way along the lake the path splits with one continuing along the north side but the other bearing left over a stone bridge onto a large island in the lake. We chose the island route to begin the return leg on the south side of the lake - click here to view.

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