Church Wilne - St Chad's Water
w/e 09 August 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We first walked around St Chad's Water in 2004 (link) when there were some wood sculptures at various points. They have now gone but in subsequent visits, we've seen a muddy footpath around the lake and and have also seen the water level so high that it was impossible to access the paths anyway. The Autumn Footprints Walking Festival also often includes a walk which calls here.

Clockwise Path

This time we decided to walk around the lake in a clockwise direction and took this path from the car park.

Viewing Platform

Another short path leads off to a viewing platform where a notice shows pictures of many of the birds that are likely to be seen here. Compare this photo with a similar one taken during for Part 07 (link) of our Village Trail around Draycott and Wilne in 2013.
Improved Path

There have been a number of changes since that first visit in 2004 and the muddy track around the lake has now been enhanced by the installation of much improved paths.
St Chad's Water

The lake is roughly triangular in shape with two straight-ish sides and an irregular hypotenuse. This is about half way along the southern side.
Straight Run

There's a long straight path at the western end of the lake.
Across The Lake

There are also several places around the lake where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. Here on the western side the view is across the lake to the car parking area opposite with St Chad's Church hidden behind the trees.

We met several dog walkers on our walk around the lake and several of their pets couldn't wait to get in the water. This one was jumping in and retrieving a branch thrown in by his owner.

There was an early sign of autumn too with brambles already beginning to bear fruit.
The Beach

We completed our circuit of the lake, not much more than half a mile in length and sat for a while on a bench at the "beach" area near the car park.
Feeding Time

This is a popular feeding spot for the birds and it's not unusual to see swans here but on this occasion it was just ducks and coots that came ashore to dine.

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