The Second Decade
w/e 05 January 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

As we continue our review of the first twenty years of this century, we take a look here with this selection of images from the years 2010 to 2019.

Walking 2010

It was soon after our Paignton holidays in the middle of the first decade that I became aware of the annual Autumn Footprints Walking Festival and towards the latter part of the decade I started taking part in the guided walks in Erewash and Amber Valley during a couple of weeks each September. This has become a regular and much looked forward to addition to the annual calendar and in essence has proved a good substitute to the annual holiday. I could have chosen from literally hundreds of photos to illustrate the Festival which includes both urban and rural walks but this one from 2010 gets to the heart of the event - tramping across fields full of livestock in the Derbyshire countryside with a group of like minded appreciative people.
Derby 2011

We did a fair amount of walking too in 2011 and much of that was through the streets of Derby as I photographed old buildings to illustrate a Heritage Trail in the city. This one was on Wardwick as we approached the Museum and Art Gallery.
Matlock 2012

2012 contained all the usual annual events, Fairs, Carnivals, Well Dressings and more but in addition there was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and of course the London 2012 Olympics. In July of that year we had a day in Matlock to join the crowds to welcome the Olympic Torch as it passed through on its way around the country. It was difficult to get a good shot due to the number of people also striving to get close but it can be seen here being carried by the lady in front of the yellow car.
Carnival 2013

The crowds also turned out in force in Ilkeston a year later to enjoy the Carnival. The event has had a chequered time during the decade with several of the events (including 2012) having to be cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions and concerns about the state of the ground on the Recreation Ground. The 2013 Carnival however was not one of those occasions and the route of the street parade was lined with people many of whom followed the vehicles to the Rec.
Flowers 2014

It would be remiss of me to look back over twenty years without at least one mention of the Council's Green Space Team who work tirelessly to keep the parks and open areas across the Borough looking good for the benefit of everyone. Who can forget the Union Flag inspired design of the flower beds on the large roundabout at the end of Chalons Way in 2012 which was repeated in the long hot summer of 2018. But in other years too like 2014 above, colourful flower beds have done much to earn Gold and Silver Awards in the annual East Midlands In Bloom competition as well as Green Flag accreditation for local parks and nature reserves.
Car Festival 2015

I started this review of the first twenty years of this century with a picture of Ilkeston's Annual Charter Fair taken from the top of the tower of St Mary's Church but that's not the only time I have climbed the steps for photos and I have been up several times since. In 2006 I took photos of the surrounding countryside and ten years later viewed the Remembrance Day service in the Market Place from there whilst this view above was taken in 2015 during the Classic Car event that has become popular attraction in recent years.
Celebration 2016

In 2016 all the usual events were planned throughout the year although wet weather again caused the cancellation of some in the summer. The Party in the Park however to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday went ahead even though there was a threat of rain. The local churches as part of the celebration each had a gazebo in Victoria Park and took a decade as a theme to illustrate a period from the Queen's life span. As part of the St Mary's display yours truly made an appearance in a selection of photos from the 1970s when dressed in red, white and blue celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee at a street party in 1977.

Mapperley 2017

Many places have featured often on this site during the last twenty years and one of them is Shipley Country Park. One year I actually made a point of visiting the park every month to record the change in the seasons but it looks good at any time. That is particularly true during the autumn when the leaves are changing colour as illustrated here with a photo from 2017 on the approach road to the park by Mapperley Reservoir.
Remembrance 2018

The second decade of the twenty first century has been one of austerity and national and political bitterness between rival points of view and that's putting it mildly. It's also been a decade marking the anniversaries of significant dates in the two World Wars. Throughout the decade we have seen the centenary of major battles and other events in the 1914-1918 war and also seen the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Whatever their circumstances and whatever their differences the people of Ilkeston will always come together to honour those who served the country in conflicts and the Market Place was packed in November 2018 - as it is every year - to do just that.
Steampunk 2019

Which brings us to the last year of the decade. Once faced with the threat of closure, the Erewash Museum goes from strength to strength and has been awarded the accolade of Derbyshire Museum of the Year on more than one occasion, a title it still currently holds. Helping to maintain this position are the number and variety of events the Museum organises and hosts throughout the year. Regular events on the calendar are Motorbike Days, Brass Band Concerts in the gardens, Swing Back to the Forties and Victorian, Fairground, Christmas events among many others. A new venture in 2019 which is sure to return was the Steampunk Extravaganza a fun day of music, mayhem and madness and fantastic costumes. I would be right at home with that red, white and blue attire of the 1970s - but don't think it would fit me anymore! Target for the next decade? Lose a bit of weight! Which probably means more walking and as it's now January, Wollaton Park is beckoning again.

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