The First Decade
w/e 29 December 2019
The first four of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DC280 Zoom Digital Camera. The rest with a Kodak DX6490 .

Well where did that year go? It doesn't seem that long since I was reviewing 2018 and now here we are almost in 2020. In fact it doesn't seem that long since we were looking forward to the new millennium with some trepidation as to what impact the change of century would have on the computer controlled systems all around the world. It was that thought that prompted me to forego a look back over the previous twelve months and instead peer back even further to before the turn of the century. I'm finding it difficult to comprehend that we are now nearly 20% through the 21st century already so for this review I'm going back to look at the first decade. I'll follow this with a look at the second decade from 2010 to 2019.

Ilkeston Fair 2000

I'd bought my first digital camera, a simple Kodak DC200 point and shoot affair, a few days before a week's holiday in August 1998 in Worthing. At that time I was very much into desktop publishing and armed with photos from that holiday I produced a booklet which later, as a pdf, was added to this Ilkeston Cam site in 2007. By the turn of the century I'd upgraded to the slightly more sophisticated Kodak DC280 and was dabbling with the internet when Garth's Internet Site (GIS) resulted using Adobe PageMill software that came free with one of the cameras. This was a play on words as I was employed at that time implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS). Technology has moved on leaps and bounds since then and websites now come with multiple bells and whistles but, although no longer supported by Adobe, I'm still using that same old software. Some may say I'm stuck in a time warp but it's served me well over the years and does the job for me. It was during the first year of the new century that I took photos with the DC280 of Ilkeston's Annual Charter Fair, something I have continued to do in October every year since. The Fair layout was a little different in 2000 in order to accommodate the Giant Wheel in the Market Place - something that has not been seen in Ilkeston Fairs since.
Wollaton 2001

At the start of 2001 we were in Wollaton Park on one of their Steaming Days during January. Our visits to Wollaton Park and the Hall (seen here in the background) have become quite regular over the years and one trip there usually takes place early each year. When there is little to be seen elsewhere in the early months of the year, there is usually something of interest at Wollaton and it's become almost a tradition to go in January.
Army 2002

A year later my son had bought me a present of a domain name and Ilkeston Cam was born in February 2002 replacing Garth's Internet Site. It was in September of that year that 400 soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters exercised their right to march through the town having been granted the freedom of the Borough in 1951. The Mercians as they later became have been back several times since and there have also been other military events in the town such as Beating Retreat.
Saundersfoot 2003

Following our 1998 holiday in Worthing, we'd had a couple of years in North Wales in Llandudno, Snowdonia and the surrounding area before switching our allegiance to Saundersfoot near Tenby in Pembrokeshire in South Wales. We had four annual holidays there from 2001 to 2004 - this view of Saundersfoot is from 2003 - and would have gone back in 2005 had not the hotel been converted to self catering apartments.
Langar 2004

In 2004 I upgraded the camera again and being satisfied with the previous Kodaks stuck with the same brand paying over £330 for a DX6490. This was a top of the range 4 megapixel camera that had received excellent reviews. Kodak has since gone out of business and nowadays you can buy mobile phones with a much higher specification camera included and probably for a lower price but I'm still stuck in that time warp using the same camera. The photo above is the first one I took with the DX6490 camera testing the macro facility at a pond where dragonflies were flitting about in the Langar Wildflower Farm in Nottinghamshire.
Paignton 2005

In 2005 with our usual accommodation in Saundersfoot no longer available we decided on a complete change and booked a holiday in Paignton in Devon. I had been to the seaside town only once before in 1960 when I stopped overnight on a touring holiday as a youngster with my parents and my only memory was that the rain came in horizontally from the sea across the green promenade. In 2005 with my wife and her mother Elsie, we had a lovely week on the south coast. On our first full day there we decided to spend the morning at the famous zoo and then explore the town in the afternoon but it didn't all go to plan. We enjoyed the zoo so much, especially Elsie, that we spent the whole day there. Sadly just a few months after our return home Elsie passed away.
Victoria Park 2006

The following year when we would normally be thinking about booking a holiday we were still dealing with coming to terms with Elsie's unexpected passing so contented ourselves during the summer in the local area visiting local places for photos for the website. Places like Victoria Park were high on the agenda where there was not only peace and quiet but also always an opportunity for a picture. This is one from September 2006. Many others from the park have featured on the website over the years.
Riviera 2007

We returned to Devon in 2007 and stayed in Paignton again but at a different hotel. It obviously brought back lots of memories about our previous holiday two years earlier but it was something we really needed to do to lay a few ghosts to rest. Unfortunately on our return home we discovered that our pet cats who had been in a cattery for the week, had not been cared for as we had hoped. One was returned with half of his special diet food untouched and some of his daily medication had not been administered. We were informed that the other one with a nervous disposition had spent the week hiding away and likewise had not been eating properly. We vowed not to go away again and leave them so here we are 12 years later with two 16 year old pampered moggies!
Well Dressing 2008

With our annual holidays suspended we've made the most of our time in our local area with only a few days out. Regular annual events have proved useful attractions, carnival, fairs, festivals etc including the unique Derbyshire tradition of Well Dressing. With the West Hallam Well Dressing Festival which now also includes a Scarecrow Trail held every July only being a couple of miles away, that means we usually make a visit but in 2008 we also went to the Ripley Festival where we were treated to some Irish Dancing too.
Easter 2009

Another regular event on the calendar is the Christian Walk of Witness which takes place in the town every Good Friday. The walk usually starts in one church and proceeds to another in the town centre and over the years the route has varied and now usually ends by walking down Bath Street's hill rather than up it. Frequent stops are made on the walk for readings, hymns and dramatic presentations such as the one above in 2009.

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