Ilkeston - November Trees
w/e 17 November 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Do you ever get that feeling of déjà vu, of seeing something again? Well it's quite likely with this set of pictures as they were all taken in the same locations as a set from a couple of weeks ago at the end of October (link). These were taken in the early days of November and although taken in the same locations of the same subjects, they were taken from the other side looking in the opposite direction.
(You may want to listen to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" whilst viewing this images and substitute the word "trees" for "clouds" - it's become a real earworm!)

Victoria Park

Last time we stood on Drummond Road and looked into Victoria Park but this is the view looking back from the bandstand. The object of this exercise was to see the different appearance of the trees in such a short time (less than a fortnight) as the leaves fell.
Drummond Road

The trees on Drummond Road still had plenty of leaves but the branches were showing through more than on our earlier view.

Chaucer Old Park

The difference was more apparent on Chaucer Old Park but there was still plenty of colour.
Cantelupe Road

Those lining Cantelupe Road though between the park and the cemetery has certainly lost a lot more leaves.
Cemetery Entrance

There was still plenty of colour near the cemetery's entrance gates but the reds of the other nearby foliage had disappeared when looking back from the chapel.

In the cemetery itself the headstones were now covered by thousands of fallen leaves.
Market Place

And on the Market Place the trees in the corner had lost all but a few of their leaves and stood like skeletons around the fountain. Although they will remain in this natural state until next spring, they will soon be decorated with Christmas lights.
Market Street

The appearance of the "tree" on Market Street has now changed completely and the absence of leaf now reveals that it is in fact two trees growing side by side.

Another one that is now displaying a skeletal appearance is the symmetrical shaped one outside Toll Bar House.
Stanton Island

To conclude this look from the "other side" we returned to the "Stanton" island at the end of Chalons Way and whilst the view from Rutland Street still shows a large amount of foliage on the trees more of the Stanton wagon is visible. If all the rain we've had this week continues to fall at the same rate, it wouldn't be a surprise to see mangroves growing here and in other places around the town in the near future!

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