Ilkeston - October Trees
w/e 03 November 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

All of these images were captured during the last few days of October but as the autumn season progresses, even though we are only just into November, the leaves have continued to fall and the photos show one brief moment in time that has now gone forever.

Victoria Park

A good place to start though when looking for autumn colours is, of course, Victoria Park.
Drummond Road

You don't even have to go into the park as these trees on Drummond Road on the park's southwestern boundary show.
Chaucer Old Park

Chaucer Old Park too is another good place to see the colours of the season and the trees here were a joy to behold with a fine array of shades.
Cantelupe Road

And those lining Cantelupe Road between the park and the cemetery only added to the spectacle.
Cemetery Entrance

Beech trees flanking Park Cemetery's entrance gates were among the first to show their autumn colours and provided a good contrast to other nearby foliage.

In the cemetery itself headstones were shaded by the trees but as time goes on and the leaves continue to change colour and fall the weakening rays of the sun will soon penetrate the branches.
Market Place

There's more colour too on the Market Place both along the church wall and also in the corner around the fountain.
Market Street

It has taken only a few days for the appearance on this tree on Market Street to change completely as the majority of its leaves have now fallen and its branches are clearly visible.

Another one that has also lost many of its leaves in the few days since this picture was taken is this one with the almost perfect symmetrical shape outside Toll Bar House.
Stanton Island

Many of the trees, especially in the parks of course are only visible to pedestrians but motorists can also enjoy those on the islands at each end of Chalons Way. These are at the northern end on the "Stanton" island. It has to be said though that the sun shining down on all the trees served to enhance their appearance and for that one brief moment in time at the end of October, it did just that.

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