Heanor - Back To The Park
w/e 01 September 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It was 2006 when we first walked through the Memorial Park at Heanor and two years later when we returned for another visit. At the end of that second walk I commented that the visits were in spring and summer so that left autumn and winter to do. Since then we have passed the entrance gates many times (usually in the car) but have now gone back for a third time and one or two changes were apparent since those visits over a decade ago. As September marks the start of the meteorological autumn I'm of a mind to claim that these images also represent the third season although I'm sure more autumnal colours will appear in the near future.

Links to The First Visit and The Second Visit.


The rockery near the gates though was not one of the changes as it looks pretty much the same as we remembered it from those earlier visits.

The symmetrical flowerbeds also looked very similar and were just as colourful.

We didn't remember from our previous visits this structure though which will offer shelter in inclement weather and which, as a band concert is being advertised on the adjacent notice board, probably doubles as a bandstand.
Notice Board

The notice board also included an aid to identify various species of butterfly plus the result of a competition in conjunction with the Mundy C of E Junior School for children to design a flowerbed. The winning design by Darcie from Mr Frost's Class design was also featured.
Winning Design

And Darcie's design had been recreated in the circular bed near the main entrance.

At the opposite end of the park with a nod towards feng shui the circular flowerbed is balanced by a circular pond. I'm sure on our first visit this pond had a more irregular shape.
War Memorial

Midway between the two circular features is another one on which the War Memorial stands. This too has undergone some cosmetic changes in recent years with flowerbeds being removed to be replaced by paving.
Falklands Too

Another alteration from a dozen years ago is the Falklands Memorial which has been removed from the circular bed near the entrance to be incorporated into the main War Memorial.

Park Bench

Old park benches in the park made of wood and metal have also been replaced by all metal seats including this special one overlooking the War Memorial.

A plaque is incorporated into the seat commemorating the centenary of the ending of the First World War. As it says it is a place to reflect, remember and give thanks, a sentiment that applies to the whole of the park.

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