Heanor - A Return Visit to the Memorial Park
w/e 03 August 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


It was April 2006 when I first passed through the gates to the Memorial Park in Heanor and then, despite the presence of some spring blossom, a cold and damp morning made it feel much more like autumn. I said then that I hoped to return in some sunnier conditions and this week I did indeed return on what proved to be one of the hottest days in 2008 so far. For comparison and before viewing the rest of this page, you may like to see the images from that first visit. Press the back button on your browser to return to this page and pass through the entrance gate again.
Symmetrical Beds

The flower bed around the Falklands Conflict memorial just inside the gates is much brighter than the drab appearance of two years ago and the symmetrical beds (above) either side of the main path now have much more intricate patterns with their summer planting. Even the "Christmas Tree" in mid-summer doesn't look out of place now.
Subdued Colours

Equally attractive but with more subdued colours is another bed further into the park.

Beyond the beds, there is a large expanse of open parkland and the grass was benefiting from a mowing being done by a young lady on a motorised machine. Now that's a job I could take too on a day like this!
Sensible Dog

A dog was being exercised on the parkland retrieving a plastic disc but with the sun beating down, after a few retrievals, it decided it was not a good idea and went and lay down in the shade.
The Pond

On that first visit to the park, I looked down on this small pond from the slope opposite and wondered what lay beyond. This time I descended into the hollow and looked back up the slope beyond the pond, now three quarters full of greenery. There was the sound of running water but I wanted to see what lay along the path to the right where I had previously expected an extension to the park.
In The Shade

The path though only leads out of the park to join a public footpath that runs alongside the park from Ilkeston Road to Westfield Avenue and Ella Bank Road. Returning up the footpath towards Ilkeston Road I rejoined the park through a gap in the boundary hedge under the shade of these trees. In the distance I could see the main memorial in the park.

The memorial to "The men of the Heanor Urban District who fell in the Great War 1939 - 1945" had also found favour with a group of well mannered youngsters who were practising their skate boarding skills on the path that surrounds it. Well that's Heanor Memorial Park in two of the four seasons - maybe next time I'll try for an autumn or winter visit.

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