Stanley Common - Belper Road
w/e 25 August 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Anyone driving along the A609 from Ilkeston to Smalley will hardly notice where West Hallam changes almost imperceptibly into Stanley Common but with a pub, a garage, a few shops, a school, a church and even a farm, all of which we shall see in the walk along Belper Road, it has all the attributes to be called a village in its own right.

Belper Road

The farm stands right on the boundary between West Hallam and Stanley Common but since we visited in 2017 (link) there have been some substantial alterations to the Farm Shop and a Coffee Shop has now been opened too. The name Oakfield Farm is painted on the first building of the terrace on the right and for many years the other white building at the far end of the terrace sported the name of Denver Bakery but sadly this has now gone.

What has remained however is Robinson's Garage a little further along the road.
Bateman Arms

The village pub a little further on is called The Bateman Arms.

Recreation Ground

On the left detached, semi-detached and terraced housing give way to the recreation ground which as well as the children's play equipment also has a football pitch. Common Lane at the side of the recreation ground leads to a number of farms and through to Stanley Village (see Village Trail). It also leads to some post war housing that the casual visitor driving along Belper Road may be unaware of. The flower decorated coal wagon serves as a reminder of the area's mining history and features a "Welcome to Stanley Common" sign.
The Ropewalk

Across from the Recreation Ground two narrow streets lead off Belper Road between the old terraced properties and their names also indicate previous industrial activities. The one pictured above is called The Ropewalk and another bears the name The Old Brickyard.
Dolphin Terrace

Sporadic buildings on the left of Belper Road after Common Lane has filled in since the start of the last century but the terraces on the right predate most of them by a number of years. The stonework on the first house on the right after the white cottage reads "Dolphin Terrace 1896".

An 1881 map shows very little on the left hand side of the road apart from another lane called The Ropewak and a school for girls. There is still a school here today which is the Stanley Common C of E Primary School.
Post Office

Directly across from the school is a shop containing something that many villages have lost in recent years - a Post Office.
United Church

By 1900 the land to the left after the school had become allotment gardens but now housing lines both sides of the road broken only by the United Church of All Saints on the right. The church was built in 1913 as an Anglican church that merged with Stanley Common Methodist Church in 2003 to became the United Church.
Smalley Common

As Belper Road continues past the church and round the corner, this part of the village becomes known as Smalley Common. This was originally a small village separate from Stanley Common but is now part of the latter.

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