Sandiacre - Stoney Clouds Viewpoint
w/e 05 March 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Stoney Clouds

This is not the first time we've been to Stoney Clouds for Ilkeston Cam but after more than 15 years of doing the website, it's inevitable that we should return to some places. We first visited in 2003 (link), touched on it during the Sandiacre Village Trail and passed through on a six mile Walk in the Clouds.
High Ground

This time we made for the viewpoint which as we discovered in that "Walk in the Clouds" occupies some of the highest ground in Erewash.

Misty in September 2016The leaflet describing that walk also says that it is possible to "enjoy breathtaking views over the Trent and Erewash Valleys" but the last time I was here during the Autumn Footprints Festival last September, the views were severely curtailed by the misty conditions (right). This time there were no such issues and even without the aid of the panoramic drawing on the informative display (below) at the viewpoint, we were able to pick out many of the familiar landmarks in the surrounding area. It is such a shame though that the display has become the object for some senseless graffiti.

Information Display

Towards the left from the viewpoint over the industrial units on the former Stanton Ironworks site and the Quarry Hill Industrial Site are the houses on the south side of Ilkeston with the spire of the URC and the tower of St Mary's in the town centre clearly visible on the skyline.
Newthorpe & Beyond

To the right of Ilkeston town centre the view is over the Erewash Valley Golf Club along the Erewash Valley, past the wind turbine at Newthorpe to Eastwood in the distance.

Further still to the right, the water tower, another smaller wind turbine at Swingate Farm and the TV relay mast all at Swingate lie beyond Trowell Village. If you look closely at the bottom left hand corner of the image, you may be able to make out the Festival Inn and St Helen's Church tower (almost immediately below the water tower).
Trowell Services

Looking past the large West's Transport Depot on the Stanton site, the yellow marking denoting the low railway bridge can be seen and beyond that the M1 motorway snakes northwards towards the Trowell Services.
The M1

The views from Stoney Clouds are interesting especially for people like me who have an interest in their local surroundings but the one downside to this location is the constant drone of rubber on tarmac as the heavy traffic rushes past on the busy M1. If you can overlook or ignore the noise you could spend hours up here but it is inconceivable to me that planners of the proposed HS2 railway intend to realign the M1 in this area and I dread to think of the chaos and frayed tempers this will cause to drivers both on the motorway and also the surrounding road network.
Stanton Gate

Stoney Clouds of course is a Local Nature Reserve and there is another one beyond the cluster of houses at Stanton Gate. The motorway is just out of shot to the left and the houses in the middle distance are at Trowell to the left and Stapleford to the right.

As we descended from the high point, we looked across the valley over the stone bridge crossing the Erewash Canal and the footbridge over the railway line beyond the trees which obscure the River Erewash to Stapleford and Burnt Hill at Bramcote. There are many more features visible from the viewpoint including Crich Stand nearly 14 miles away but we decided to leave some for another day.

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