Sawley - Trent Lock
w/e 05 June 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's June! Meteorologically it's summer! It's also England and whilst western parts have been basking under clear skies and warm sunshine, those of us in the central and eastern parts of the country have been shivering under an overcast sky and enduring a chilling northerly wind for much of the week. The good news is that for most of the time, the rain held off.

The Trent Lock

So trade at the Trent Lock pub and restaurant during half term week when families would have been welcomed, must have been affected by the dismal conditions. Whilst we were there several people with children walked past without crossing the threshold and seating at the tables outside were left unoccupied.
Picnic Tables

A few hardy souls though were making use of the picnic tables between the pub and the River Trent.

Even the birds huddling in the dovecote though were sheltering from the icy blasts.
Moored Boats

The weather hadn't put off some of the boaters as the Myra D'Or moored on the Trent appeared to have travelled all the way from Northwich in Cheshire which was probably bathed in sunshine at this very moment.
Power Station

Given the weather the nearby Ratcliffe On Soar Power Station was probably working harder than would have been expected during the first week of June.
Lock House

From roughly the same position as the previous picture, over to the left we could see the Lock House Tea Rooms.
Road Sign

The name Trent Lock refers to the first lock on the Erewash Canal but the name is now applied to the whole of the surrounding area as well as the pub we have already seen. In fact according to a nearby information board, it includes three rivers and two canals. The "road" sign where the Erewash Canal joins the Trent shows the Cranfleet Cut to the left and the River Soar opposite. The third river, the Derwent, joins the Trent a little further upstream to the right.

From the footbridge over the mouth of the Erewash Canal, the entry to the Cranfleet Cut can be seen and it was along the towpath there that we walked in 2010 when we followed the Cranfleet Trail (opens in a new window) which also includes more images of Trent Lock.
The Erewash Canal

Turning on the footbridge to look along the Erewash Canal with the Lock House Tea Rooms on the right, the gates of the actual Trent Lock are visible under the road bridge.
The Steamboat

Also overlooking the lock is the other pub at Trent Lock. The full name of the pub is The Steamboat Inn at Trent Lock but since our Cranfleet Trail visit in 2010, a couple of letters have disappeared from the front of the pub and it now reads S EAMB AT. That obviously won't bother visitors when the weather picks up and by the way, come the weekend it had turned warmer and the wind had dropped.

Maybe summer is here after all just in time for next week's carnival and Queen's "Party in the Park" birthday celebrations in Ilkeston which is being orgasnised by the Ilkeston Churches and the Erewash Borough Council. Thinking back to last year though, the carnival was cancelled due to a waterlogged ground so many fingers will be crossed and prayers said before next weekend. Hey ho - this is June, this is summer, this is England! Enjoy!

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