Ilkeston - This Blooming Town
w/e 25 August 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The summer season is already slipping almost imperceptibly into autumn so it would be remiss of me not to capture some images of the summer planting that has brightened up the town.

Lower Stanton Road

It was this small but brightly coloured flower bed at the junction of Lower Stanton Road and Cavendish Road that put the thought in my head when I remembered that I had previously looked at Beds'n'Baskets around the town. "It's too soon to repeat that" I thought but looking back I found it was just over two years ago in August 2011 when I took those photos.
At The Fire Station
So setting off again to revisit some of those places I found the same colour scheme of fiery reds and yellows had been adopted in the three beds appropriately enough outside the Community Fire Station on the corner of Derby Road and Oakwell Drive.
The Rec Entrance

Nearby at the entrance to the Rec. is the more subdued pink in the Ron Brooks sponsored bed where new yellow gates have just been erected as part of the new children's play area that has seen lots of new equipment installed. The tower on the left however is not part of the play equipment, that's the training tower at the Fire Station!
Station Road

Victoria ParkCotmanhayThe obvious place to go for summer bedding of course is Victoria Park but although we passed it (left) I decided on this occasion to look for alternative places like the island at Cotmanhay (right) where the blaze of yellow and orange is like a splash of sunshine even on the darkest of days. We returned from Cotmanhay to take in another traffic island at the Station Road/Chalons Way intersection.
Town Centre

In the middle of town the Cotmanhay colours are repeated with the addition of a purple border at the Cenotaph. For the summer, hanging baskets have also been added along the western edge of the Market Place.
Tub Line

And on the eastern side, the line of tubs have been planted mainly with red begonias.
Behind The Railings

Two more beds that the unsuspecting passers-by will miss sit behind the railings either side of the Town Hall entrance but it is well worth peering over or through the railings to enjoy the full benefit.
White Lion Square

So to the piece-de-resistance - the large island at the southern end of Chalons Way or as we old timers still call it, White Lion Square. In any other year the display of the five circular beds on the island would be regarded as exceptional but after last year's display for Jubilee year which was truly outstanding, this display would come in second as it would take a lot to top the Union Flag design.
'Window' Boxes

The island this year, along with others along Chalons Way, has been supplemented with additional "window" boxes on the railings around the islands.
Decorated Column

And as a finishing touch lighting columns have also been enhanced with beautifully filled baskets. Whatever your perception of Ilkeston you have to admit at the moment it's a right blooming place to live and congratulations are once again due to the Council's Green Space team for their endeavours in keeping all the displays looking super.

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