Ilkeston - Beds'n'Baskets
w/e 14 August 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I've always thought judging the "In Bloom" competitions comes a little too early in the season to see the full effects of the planting even though it did result in a Green Flag Award for Victoria Park this year.

Park Maintenance

To keep the park looking pristine though keeps someone busy throughout the year and although I could probably have filled this page with images from Victoria Park I decided instead to see some of the other public displays at various locations in the town that are maintained by the council workers.
Park Entrance

To see the flower beds in the first image on this page at their best means walking into the centre of the park but other beds like this one at the Manners Road/Bristol Road entrance can be seen by anyone passing by.
Sponsored Bed

Many beds are sponsored by local businesses such as this one on Oakwell Drive near to the entrance to the recreation ground.
Fire Station Red

Also on Oakwell Drive at its junction with Derby Road three planters outside the Community Fire Station are appropriately filled with fiery red flowers.
Lower Stanton Road

But the bed at the junction of Cavendish Road and Lower Stanton Road has an entirely different but nonetheless attractive colour scheme and is complemented by the flowers in the gardens of the adjacent bungalows.
Chalons Way Island

A similar colour scheme is replicated in the traffic island on Chalons Way at the Station Road junction.
Five In One

At the southern end of Chalons Way the largest roundabout in the town actually has five circular beds as well as a number of trees incorporated into its design but is notoriously difficult to photograph from ground level due to its size and the volume of passing traffic. These three images show the views towards Park Road (top right), towards Chalons Way (bottom right) and from the top of Nottingham Road (left) the latter image also showing one of the hanging baskets in this area.
War Memorial

The beds on either side of the War Memorial on the Market Place both carry a red and yellow theme and more hanging baskets can be seen across the Market Place in front of the Town Hall.
Market Place Baskets

This is a closer view of the hanging baskets on the Market Place which have been erected on new poles following health and safety concerns in recent years when they were previously attached to lighting columns.
Erewash Museum

The red theme of the War Memorial and the Fire Station is also carried forward to our last location outside the Erewash Museum. All of the beds and baskets shown on this page are in public areas but there are also many places in the town where private gardens supplement the displays with colourful flowers. It's blooming lovely!

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