Wollaton - Around The Lake
w/e 01 June 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

South West Corner

I do like to show different parts of the region but I suppose it is inevitable that certain sites tend to crop up from time to time. One such site is Wollaton Park and for some reason, I usually show images from there during the winter months. Back in 2003 a circumnavigation of the lake formed the middle section of a three part walk around both the village and the park and at that time I wrote that a footpath alongside the lake would be a riot of colour when the rhododendron bushes were in flower. It was with that in mind that we returned but this time walked around the lake in an anti-clockwise direction. This was the view across the south west corner of the lake as we emerged from Thompson's Wood.
Disused Boat House

As we approached the disused boat house, the first glimpse of rhododendron colour looked promising on the southern edge of the lake.
Green Tunnel

But that promise came to little as we walked this side of the lake through a dark and leafy tunnel where the prodominet colur was green. This is the same path I had written about in 2003 where I was anticipating the riot of colour and it just goes to show how wrong you can be!
Scented Carpet

As we left the tunnel though, the land on the right rose towards Arbour Hill and here, although nearing the end of the flowering period, the blubells still formed a scented carpet around the trees.
Wollaton Hall

And clusters of bluebells were still apparent on the north eastern side of the lake as this view up towards the Hall and the Stable Block shows.
The Swan Family

Turning back to the lake at this point I was reminded of those winter visits to the park and the twelve days of Christmas as there were "Seven swans a'swimming". Actually the swan family numbered nine in total, seven cygnets and two adults.
Splash of Colour

Swans are not the only birds on the lake and at the northern end, a popular spot to feed the birds, there was a large number of Canada Geese. But something that also caught my eye was another patch of rhododendron colour on the far bank.
Tree Lined Avenue

There was more colour in the late blossom on some of the trees but most on the avenue up to the Hall were in full leaf but having completedd the circuit of the lake, this is where we call a halt to this visit to Wollaton Park. It's odds on that we'll be back sometime soon though.

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