Wollaton Park - Circumnavigating The Lake
w/e 02 February 2003

After feeding the birds we walked down the western edge of the lake to rejoin one of Malcolm Sales' "100 Walks In Nottinghamshire", a compilation published by the Crowood Press.

On The Southern Bank

The winter sunshine was streaming down across the lake but here on the southern bank, the path passed into a shaded area. Obviously the conditions here are ideal for the reeds, rushes and grasses at the water's edge.
Rhododendron Avenue

Following the line of the lake the path is lined on both sides with rhododendron bushes. Although looking fairly drab at this time of year, I bet this avenue is a riot of colour when the plants are in flower.
The Hall Across The Lake

There are some good views across the lake between the bushes but none better than from the top of a disused boat house, which also brings the Hall into play.
The Boat House

We turned to walk up the western side of the lake but a look back at the boat house shows the path over the top. Obviously no longer in use as originally intended it does still provide shelter for those walkers and anglers caught in inclement weather.
Thompson's Wood

The route up this western side moves a little further away from the lakeside and passes through Thompson's Wood before emerging at the northern end of the lake from where we had started our circumnavigation just a little earlier.
The Brick Bridge

This was where we once again left Malcolm Sales' route but this time quite unintentionally. From the directions given: ".... reach a brick bridge across a ditch. .... turn left ... follow a path through a wooden gate ...." Well we did all that but made the mistake of crossing the bridge before turning left whereas we should have turned left before the bridge! But then we probably would not have seen the stags before heading off to the village.

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