Ilkeston - The Show Just Goes On
w/e 22 April 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Erewash Museum

Last week we looked at some of the multi-coloured spring flowers in Ilkeston and the continuing fine and dry weather has resulted in the flower show just going on and on although most of the yellow in the image above of the Erewash Museum is actually due to weeds. Dandelions at this stage of their growth look very pretty but I'm sure the gardeners among us despair when their seeds blow our way.
Blossom At The URC

There's quite a lot of blossom about at the moment and this was seen on St Andrews Drive outside the United Reformed Church.
Fire Station

There's blossom too near the Fire Station but whether it will still be there in the future is debatable. Plans have been published for a new station to be built on the same site and the fire appliances will temporarily be based elsewhere in the town. What will become of the blossoming plants is unknown.
Oakwell Drive

The tulips pictured last week on the traffic island at the end of Châlons Way are now past their best but these near the entrance to the Recreation Ground on Oakwell Drive (adjacent to the Fire Station) are still looking a picture. Notice though those dreaded dandelions again in the foreground and also the different shades in the shrubbery behind the bed.
Shrubs and Trees

There are more colours too in the shrubs and trees between the path onto the ground and the bowling green..
Pavilion And More Blossom

And when the view from the path opens up to reveal the pavilion, a tree with some more beautiful blossom is just a delight to behold.

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