Ilkeston - Multi-coloured Flower Show
w/e 15 April 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

By The Canal

Walking along the Erewash Canal towpath, I spotted this colourful display growing wild. "Spotted" is perhaps not the correct word as the vibrant colours stood out from quite a distance but they did start me thinking about other colourful spring flowers in the town.
Stanton Road Cemetery

I immediately thought of the purple aubrietia that always puts on a fine show in the garden adjacent to the Stanton Road Cemetery supplemented as it is by copious amounts of daffodils and narcissi in the cemetery itself.
Hospital Entrance

Daffodils and narcissi growing wild among the trees also enhance the entrance to the Ilkeston Community Hospital but what of the town's formal flower beds?
Victoria Park

That old favourite at Victoria Park is truly a multi-coloured bed, catching the eye of the passing motorist and pedestrian alike. Pansies of all shades make up most of the bed.
Châlons Way

The large island at the southern end of Châlons Way (for those old enough to remember, where White Lion Square used to be) contains a number of flower beds and the predominant colour is best described as peach although there are also shades of yellow and orange. This slightly zoomed shot foreshortens the view along Châlons Way but even closer inspection reveals the peach coloured flowers to be tulips.
Market Place

Tulips are also a feature of the beds in the Market Place around the War Memorial but these are of a darker hue. Whether growing wild or in formal beds, the spring flowers in Ilkeston this year are certainly putting on a multi-coloured show for all to enjoy.

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