Dale Abbey - Hagg Lane
w/e 12 February 2006
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Dale Abbey Plants

In the coming weeks you don't have to be a fortune teller to anticipate that much traffic will pass through the gate in this picture for it marks the entrance to Dale Abbey Plants and many keen gardeners will be visiting the nursery to restock their gardens.

Far fewer vehicles however will pass down the adjacent Hagg Lane on the right of the picture.

But it is from down Hagg Lane that the remainder of the pictures on this page were taken. Parking in a lay-by on the main road near the nursery, we carefully negotiated the grass verge keeping a wary eye on the traffic that passed by at high speed and within just a few steps into Hagg Lane we seemed to be in a much quieter world. We passed this signpost pointing across the fields under the power lines. It was to be by this path that we returned to Hagg Lane.
Upper Hagg Farm

The lane provides access to, and leads only to a couple of farms, the first one being Upper Hagg Farm.
Lower Hagg Farm

StileTurning to the left at Upper Hagg Farm, the lane continues down a slight incline (inset) and soon reaches the second farm that is unsurprisingly called Lower Hagg Farm. At the end of the lane we were faced with a choice of three footpaths. One continues in the same northwesterly direction to Stanley Village; another leads to the west and to a network of paths that will eventually take you to the long distance Midshires Way, Locko Park or Dunnshill and the third, which was the way we chose, leads via a number of stiles back to Hagg Lane. The whole area is crossed by a network of paths but despite the sunny conditions we caught sight of no other human beings throughout the duration of our walk.

We did however see plenty of livestock comprising mainly horses, most of them wearing coats as protection against the chilly wind but also a number of hardier cattle.
Tower Line

About half way back to Hagg Lane, five of the aforementioned footpaths meet under the power lines where the towers appear to be taking giant steps across the landscape. We followed the line of the transmission line to regain Hagg Lane at the signpost we had passed earlier from where we returned to the main road. On the way we were afforded some more views across the field of the horses at Upper Hagg Farm (below).

Upper Hagg Farm

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