Dale Abbey - The Dunnshill Triangle - Part 1 of 2
w/e 10 October 2004
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


This is a walk that starts and finishes at a place marked on the map as Dunnshill. It is only a ten minute drive from Ilkeston and in another ten minutes you could be speeding down the A52 towards Derby city centre, yet here we are in the middle of open countryside. A general map of the area can be seen by clicking the link to Multimap at the top of this page but this map at Streetmap.co.uk (opens a new window) gives a more detailed view. I was tempted to call the walk "circular" but as it is made up of three almost equidistant sides, "The Dunnshill Triangle" seemed more appropriate. It begins by going through the gate on the left of the picture above and heads towards Locko Park where it turns in a north-easterly direction before retuning to Dunnshill via part of the long distance path called the Midshires Way to emerge from the trees at the right of the picture.

Sandy Track & Hollies Farm

Passing through the gate we follow this sandy track for about half a mile. The view soon opens up on the right across the fields to reveal Hollies Farm on the slightly higher ground (see inset).
Lodge Farm & The Lake

On entering the Locko Estate, the track becomes a tarmac road and in another half mile reaches the lake (inset) in the park. The main picture is the view looking back near the start of the tarmac at Lodge Farm.
Parkland & Distant view of Locko Hall

At the corner of the lake a private drive leads up to Locko Hall which can just be seen through the trees (inset) but beyond the fence, the birds, including numerous Canada Geese have scant respect for the privacy of the occupants of the Hall. They seem to have taken up residence in the trees and open parkland between the water and the Hall.
Locko Hall & Footpath to the wood 

The Hall has been the ancestral home of the Drury-Lowe family since 1747 and the present house was built in the late 1720s although the west wing which is older than the main house contains a chapel of 1669. A leper hospital stood here in mediaeval times. In October 2001 we had reached this point in the walk from the opposite direction along the edge of the lake. To see an account of that walk click here to open a new window. We now start the second side of the Dunnshill triangle by taking a footpath across the field to the right of the private road and head towards the wood in the distance (inset).

A stile (inset) leads to a fenced path through the small wood and looking back after crossing the style, the lake can be seen through the trees.

Leaving the wood the way-marked path runs around the edge of a field towards another small wood which we shall bypass and which will mark the approximate midway point of the walk. Sheep in the next field showed little interest as we passed by (inset) although we did merit a glance from the fine specimen in the main picture.

Continued in Part 2

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