Ilkeston Town Walk - Stage 11 - South Street
w/e 20 July 2003

High level view of South Street circa 1986

The scanned photograph above was taken circa 1986 when I worked on the top floor of what is now Toll Bar House looking up South Street towards the town centre.
South Street

Apart from a few coats of paint, some different road markings, new safety railings and bollards and an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, the view today is pretty much the same as can be seen from this similar shot from ground level.
White Lion Square

What has changed significantly in those intervening years is the view from the bottom of South Street across White Lion Square towards Nottingham Road. The area is now dominated by a large traffic island at the southern end of the town's inner relief road, Chalons Way.
Health Centre

It was in this area on South Street that long ago, a toll bar was erected to pay for the upkeep of the road but today the electrically operated barrier just to the left of centre in this picture, serves only to restrict access to the car park of the Ilkeston Health Centre.
Jimmy Deans

The Health Centre is one of the newer buildings in the town but it stands right next door to one of the oldest surviving buildings. Bearing the date 1784, the former Baptist Chapel is now known as Jimmy Deans and attracts a customer base looking for spiritual guidance of the liquid kind. Food is also available.
Job Centre

Next to Jimmy Deans another pub, The Prince of Wales*, is visible in the top two pictures on this page. Opposite, the site of another chapel (South Street Methodists) is now occupied by this office block that houses the Department of Social Security and is now also the home of the Job Centre following its move from previous premises on Nesfield Road, near Victoria Park.

*Update Summer 2006 - The Prince Of Wales has recently undergone a major refurishment and is now called The Poacher. 'Prince turns Poacher!' - not sure what the Royal Family thinks.
Paws 4 Thought

We are now about half way along South Street and as we "Paws 4 Thought" we can see a variety of architectural styles in this view towards the Market Place. Just beyond the new block in the centre the sign on the wall reads Weaver Row and is a reminder that in the 17th and 18th centuries, the area was occupied by weaver's cottages.

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