Ilkeston Town Walk - Stage 03 - From The Museum To Chaucer Old Park
w/e 17 November 2002

Steps To The Underpass

We pick up our walk to explore Ilkeston at the top of the steps outside the museum that lead to the underpass beneath the inner relief road, Chalons Way. The name of the road is a reference to Ilkeston's twin town in France, Châlons-en-Champagne.
Tarmac Footpath

Beyond the underpass is a network of footpaths but carrying straight on under the gaze of the security camera the tarmac path leads to Chaucer Old Park. This is the route we will follow but first a little detour left and right of the path.
Playing Fields

On the left, the ascent of a grassy bank reveals a view over the playing fields of Chaucer Junior School. Bennerley Viaduct is visible above the roof of the school whilst the built up area on the right in the distance is Awsworth.
Old Orchard

To the right of the tarmac path and running parallel to it, there is another less used path. This area is the remains of an orchard once belonging to Dalby House, the building that now houses the Erewash Museum.
Wild Fruits

But in September which is when these last three photos were taken, the only fruits in the orchard were of the wild variety.
Through The Trees

The two paths converge just beyond these trees but who would have thought that you could see a scene like this only a couple of hundred yards or so from the town centre. In a few more yards the paths reach Chaucer Old Park which is where we'll continue our walk in the next stage.

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