Derby's Heritage Part 03 - Cathedral Centre
w/e 28 March 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Our walk so far has only taken us a little way from the Market Place along Irongate and although this third part adds little in terms of distance travelled it does include the journey of a lifetime.

Derby Cathedral Centre

All the images were captured at the Derby Cathedral Centre which was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in November 2003. The Centre offers facilities to stage small business meetings and events.
Coffee Shop

 The Centre also houses a gift and coffee shop. In the basement, seen here through the railings around the spiral staircase, exhibitions are held showing treasures from Derby Cathedral and the surrounding parishes but it is the Irene Ackers Garden behind the Centre, glimpsed through the window, that is the focus of our attention.
Nativity Mosaic

An information board on the rear wall of the Centre describes the garden as a "Journey of Faith" following the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. The first to be seen on entering the garden is an oak framed mosaic depicting the Nativity.
The Calling

A path winds through the garden and links different areas that are reminders of the life and ministry of Jesus. For example this particular area with the fishing nets and gravel "beach" is referred to as "The Calling" and aims to represent the calling of the disciples.

As winter melds into spring, it is probably not the time of year to see the plant life in the garden at its best but different species and arrangements are used to tell the story. Seating is provided throughout for contemplation, meditation and prayer and it is hard to believe the peace and tranquillity herein knowing the hustle and bustle of a city centre is just a few steps away.
Teaching and Healing

The garden is not large by any means but the plants here on the left are representative of those used by Jesus as a teacher in the parables and include ornamental grasses and a fig tree. Opposite on the right are medicinal plants mentioned in the Bible such as Rue, Jerusalem Sage and Cistus. These represent Jesus The Healer.
Passion and Resurrection

At the far end of the garden a simple wooden cross obviously reminds us of the crucifixion whilst the font signifies the resurrection and the water of life. Planting in this area too includes plants of both passion such as the Judas Tree and resurrection typified by species with golden leaves or flowers. Daffodils and primroses are often blooming at Easter.
Cathedral Tower

Information BoardThere is plenty to inspire you within this quiet spot but if you're in need of more inspiration you only have to turn back towards the building and glance upwards to see the tower of Derby Cathedral itself and the Cathedral will be the subject of the next part of this Heritage Walk.

For more information about the Irene Ackers Garden, click on the small image on the right to see an enlargement of the information board from which much of the detail on this page has been derived.
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