Hallam Fields LockGallows Inn Lock
Lock to Lock
Hallam Fields to Gallows Inn
w/e 15 March 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Permanent Moorings

Close to Hallam Fields Lock, two narrow boats were moored and just out of sight were three more. I've seen boats (possibly the same ones) here before and I'm thinking that they are probably permanent moorings. To the right of the picture a post bore a number of signs indicating rules and regulations relating to the canal whilst another sign indicated the Trowell Marsh Nature Reserve.
Grassy Bank

Along this section of the canal, the land to the right is mainly open countryside with only the Erewash river and the railway lines running in the valley between the canal and the village of Trowell but much of the left hand side of the canal is occupied by industrial units at Hallam Fields. At this particular point however the grassy bank leading down to the water is well tended and presents an entirely different ambience to when the canal was in its heyday when heavy industry was predominant.
Playing Fields

All along the route the canal, the railway line and the river follow the easy path through the valley. As the expanse between the canal and the river widens on the approach to Nottingham Road the intervening land is filled by the Gallows Inn Playing Fields, views of which this is one become visible at various points from the towpath through the hedge.
Cycle Tracks

As the canal begins to skirt the playing fields, the industrial units opposite start to be replaced by residential properties at the end of short side streets off Corporation Road although there are still a few small business premises. Despite the signs on posts like the one mentioned earlier prohibiting cycling, tracks on the towpath show that this is generally ignored as the canal towpath presents a fairly level and safer alternative route between Langley Mill in the north and Long Eaton in the south for pedal pushers of all ages.
Vandalised Sign

With the rugby posts on the Gallows Inn Playing Fields visible beyond the car park adjacent to the changing rooms, this sign at the side of the canal might have been worth reading if the vandals hadn't reached it first setting it on fire and leaving litter in the hedgerow as well. The "Clean It Up" notice could equally apply to humans as well as dogs!
Submerged Bike

Further evidence of irresponsible behaviour was this abandoned bike nearby, almost totally submerged in the murky waters of the canal. Whether it had been thrown in from the towpath or fallen off a passing boat is unknown but it looks as though it has been there for some time.
Nottingham Road Bridge

The end of this section is now almost in sight with the gates of Gallows Inn Lock becoming visible under the bridge that carries the traffic on Nottingham Road. Another of those "regulation posts" is visible on the right hand side of the path.
Beneath The Bridge

The canal was built in 1779 and a plaque on the lock side of the bridge commemorates the bi-centennial but with the sun reflected off the canal to illuminate the underside of the bridge it was time to ascend the steps to Gallows Inn Lock and then make my way home to put those thoughts of another series into action. I'll continue the series with the next section to Green's Lock in Part 2.

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