Walking With Robins - Part 01
w/e 14 February 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 we took a walk to Trowell and returned along the disused Nottingham Canal (Over The Boundary). Then in November we picked up the canal again where we'd left it and followed it as far as Mill Lane (The Top Cut Loop). Now on this walk we returned to that Mill Lane junction and continued along the canal to Gin Close Way.

Frozen Field

Seen here from the ramp leading up to the railway bridge, the canal runs along the Erewash Valley where the hedge line is on the other side of the frozen field with Cossall Village beyond on the horizon. We approached the canal via Mill Lane which can be seen here on the right at the edge of the field.
Mill Lane

Water had run down Mill Lane and frozen so care had to be taken walking up to the canal to avoid the icy stream.
Gate Post

As we neared the canal a robin settled on an old gate or fence post.
Robin No. 1

The robin flew away and waited in the hedge while we dropped some bird food on the top of the post when he immediately returned time and time again.

A blackbird in the hedge was a little more reticent but did venture to the post once before we moved on.

At the barrier where the swing bridge used to be over the canal someone had already left food on the posts. which we topped up with more. A lady approached along the canal towpath said she had sat on the seat here the previous day and had counted at least nine different robins.

Robin No. 2

Whilst we were there for a few minutes robins were flitting about all round and we counted at least five different ones but there may have been more.
Nottingham Canal

There are paths on both sides of the canal but we decided to take the more substantial one on the left. It was a bitterly cold day and again we had to be careful to avoid the icy patches.
Railway Bridge

Looking back across the frozen field we could see the railway bridge from where the first photo above was taken halfway up the ramp on this side of the railway lines. The River Erewash and the Erewash Canal lie between the bridge and the houses in Ilkeston.
Old Dog

It's been noted that the canal towpaths particularly along the Erewash Canal have become extremely popular during lockdown but the Nottingham Canal appears to be less busy. We did meet a few other people walking the opposite way as we walked along keeping socially distanced of course but we paused to allow an old dog slowly limp past us as he followed his owners. It wasn't the only pause as we were soon to see more robins looking for food and we stopped several times to drop food for them.
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