The Top Cut Loop - Part 01
w/e 08 November 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

With Lockdown 2 coming into effect we took a walk as part of our daily exercise which is allowed under the restrictions and went along the disused Nottingham Canal. This is a circular route that starts in Ilkeston and passes Cossall and actually touches on part of the "Over The Boundary" route we did earlier this year during the first Lockdown.


As this is a circular route you can join it at several places but we started at Green's Lock on the Erewash Canal and headed towards Nottingham Road. A family of swans had taken up residence on the opposite bank not far from the lock.
Erewash Canal

It had been a foggy start to the day but it soon started to clear although there was still a slight mist hanging over the Erewash Canal.


As we approached Gallows Inn Lock, the autumn colours were reflected in the water.

On reaching Nottingham Road we turned left to once again cross the River Erewash and the border into Nottinghamshire where we picked up the route of that earlier walk in March this year. This time though we followed the uneven footpath to cross the railway bridge again but in the opposite direction and then climbed up the slope to rejoin the disused Nottingham Canal.
Top Cut

On reaching the disused canal, known locally as the Top Cut to distinguish it from the Erewash Canal which runs at a lower level, we turned left and continued from the previous "Over The Boundary" route towards Cossall.
Grange Wood

On the right is Grange Wood.
Pond No. 3

Although the canal has been filled in along this section there are three small ponds and this is Pond No. 3.

Over to the left through the hedgerow are views across the Erewash Valley to Ilkeston.
Pond No. 2

Pond No. 2.

As the mist continued to clear the sunlight streaming through Grange Wood shed a golden light on the autumn leaves.
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