Walking With Robins - Part 02
w/e 21 February 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The old dog limped past us and we continued along the canal towpath.

Robin No. 3

A little further on another robin landed at the edge of the path between the patches of snow but flew into the hedge as we approached. We dropped a handful of bird food and it returned to enjoy a feast all by itself.

As we neared the point where the path on the other side of the disused canal crosses to this side, snow and ice created some interesting patterns. Is it just me or can anyone else see the shape of a polar bear?

Robin No. 4

At this point yet another robin settled on a twig overhanging the canal fluffing its feathers against the cold. Word must have been getting round so we dropped some more food.
To Millennium Park

Another crossing of the canal leads to Millennium Park but we remained on this side.
Coronation Rd Bridge

The towpath drops down a little to cross the bridge over Coronation Road whilst the canal continues at the higher level to also cross the road in the aqueduct.
Cossall Marsh

Seen from the bridge and under the aqueduct is the area known as Cossall Marsh with the road straight ahead to Awsworth and the junction on the right at the white house of Church Lane which leads up to Cossall Village.
Robin No. 5

And guess what? More robins were at the bridge and settled on the buttress for a quick feed.
Nottingham Canal

We continued over the bridge and followed the path up to join the Nottingham Canal again.

It's only a short walk now to Shilo Way but with that in sight we crossed a footbridge over the canal to complete the walk on the other side.
Robin No. 6

And here once again we were accompanied by more robins so it's a good job we still had some food left.
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