A Week In Worthing 1998

How would you like to go on a journey - a journey back in time; back to the days before Ilkeston Cam was not even an idea let alone a website? As you probably already know, I've always had an interest in photography and in the 1980s and 90s that was accomplished by means of a full-sized video camera that I often lugged about particularly when we went on holiday to Somerset and North Devon. Showing of each day's excursions to holiday friends became a regular feature of our evenings in the hotel in Minehead after our evening meal and before we all went out for a stroll down to the harbour or around the town.

In 1998 however I took the plunge and bought my first digital camera - a Kodak DC200. This was a 2 megapixel camera and was quite expensive at the time. Nowadays you can get mobile phones that include a camera facility with a higher specification than the DC200 for a fraction of the price I paid for that first digital model but it paved the way into digital photography for me so was worth every penny.

I bought the camera about three days before leaving for a holiday, this time on the south coast in and around Worthing and took sixty or seventy shots during the week, my enthusiasm curbed only be the size of the memory card. Another of my interests at that time was desktop publishing and I was often producing documents for one reason or another, either to do with work or leisure projects. On returning home from Worthing I decided to produce a record of the holiday which I duly did, printed off, slipped the sheets into plastic covers and passed the completed document around all the friends and family I could coerce into taking it off my hands. At least they weren't forced to sit round a TV set anymore to watch hours of tedious videos that they had little interest in or in front of a screen while I projected endless 35mm slides that in all honesty, probably bored them to tears. But now with this hard copy in their hands that they could take away and return when they had had enough, they had the choice of whether they actually read it or not.

Now I'm offering that same choice to a much wider audience - you! I've taken that original print of the document (warts and all) about our holiday in Worthing, scanned it and created a Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file that can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat reader. A free copy of this can be downloaded from the Adobe Site if it is not already installed on your computer.

If you have a Broadband connection, it should not be a problem to download the file in one go and it should load in about 20 seconds. On the lowest spec broadband the speed should be about 60kb/sec, and the file will take about a minute to download. On dial-up however it will probably take much longer so I have created the same document in three parts. Click on the appropriate link below to either download the complete document or each part separately.

to download the complete pdf document (3604kb) or

for Part 1 (1292kb)

for Part 2 (1182kb)

for Part 3 (1030kb)

If you have any feedback you can email garth@ilkcam.com
or leave a message in the guest book. Thank you.

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