Walking For Health
Swan Lake Loop (variation) - Part 03
w/e 11 April 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The concluding part of the WFH route is from Swan Lake and back to the Victoria Leisure Centre.

Back Of The Lake

After feeding the mallards that greeted us as we reached Swan Lake we had a choice of routes around the lake. We could have gone to the right and walked to the car park or to the left along the quieter "back" (i.e. the side opposite the main entrance) of the lake. We opted for the latter.

This is the more sheltered side of the lake and the path is lined between it and the water with trees bushes and shrubs which were in full blossom at this time of year.

Although it is actually called Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve, it is commonly known as Swan Lake but because of the other species of wildlife that frequent the lake, it might easily have been called Goose Lake.
Swan Lake

A couple of Canada Geese were waiting expectantly near the exit of the site which we intended to take so before leaving, we deposited some more food but they must have been having us on as they totally ignored it.
Nutbrook Trail

We left the Nature Reserve, crossed the former railway embankment again, this time by a tarmaced path and rejoined the Nutbrook Trail.
Golf Course

It was only for a short time though as we turned off the path, through a kissing gate and onto the Pewit Golf Course. Following a footpath marked by a series of yellow topped post we rejoined the track we had walked down earlier in the walk.
Two Buildings

Where the track turned left to the car park we continued straight ahead across the grass and between the two buildings towards West End Drive.
The Rec

We didn't go on to West End Drive at this point though but remained this side of the hedge to continue through the Rutland Recreation Ground or as the local Council now call it, the Rutland Sports Park although it will always be The Rec to me.
King George Avenue

Leaving The Rec at the end of West End Drive the route now continues past the Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, formerly the Ilkeston Grammar School, along King George Avenue.

Bristol Road

This leads to Bristol Road and the Victoria Park which offer a choice of routes back to the Leisure Centre. On this occasion we chose the road but still enjoyed the flowers, blossom and trees in the Park.
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Route Map
Planned route through Pewit Carr continues in Part 04 The Missing Link which we completed in June 2021.

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