Walking For Health
Swan Lake Loop - Part 04 -The Missing Link
w/e 20 June 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In March this year we embarked on a Walking For Health route from the Leisure Centre at Victoria Park in Ilkeston to Swan Lake and back but had to abandon the part of the walk through Pewit Carr because of the waterlogged conditions. Now after a prolonged dry spell we've returned to Swan Lake to walk along the missing link and complete the route.

Feeding Time

Our first objective was to return to the footbridge over the Nut Brook at the entrance to Pewit Carr so we began the walk where we would end at the Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve (Swan Lake) car park. Before we set off there was the small matter of feeding some of the birds to attend to.
Wild Flowers

We followed the path around the edge of the lake where the fine weather had encouraged a lot of wild flowers to show their true colours.
Railway Bridge

We left the lakeside to pass under the old railway bridge to the two smaller lakes in the reserve.
Middle Lake

We turned immediately left to follow the path around the larger of the two smaller lakes. Of the three larger stretches of water in the Reserve, this is the middle one. When we varied the original route we had walked along the other side of the lake.

Also on the original walk we had descended from an embankment via some steps but by following a different path we climbed up the slope to the top of the embankment.
Manor Floods LNR

As we walked along the embankment towards the Nutbrook Trail there was a good view over another wetland area where a couple of swans had made their home in the Manor Floods Local Nature Reserve.
Undulating Path

We descended from the embankment on the same up and down path that we had used on the original walk.
Nutbrook Trail

This took us to the Nutbrook Trail which returned us to the planned WFH route. The sign indicates the start of the Manner Floods Nature Reserve.
Marker Post

We followed the Trail as before to the marker post indicating the entry to Pewit Carr and the footbridge over the Nut Brook.
Into Pewit Carr

Crossing the bridge we had reached the point where we had abandoned our previous walk and although it was no longer waterlogged, there were still muddy patches and puddles of water despite the prolonged dry spell we had just enjoyed. It didn't deter us this time though and we continued into Pewit Carr..

We had therefore reached our first objective and now we could complete the Missing Link back to Swan Lake.
Continued in Part 05

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