Walking For Health
Swan Lake Loop - Part 05 -The Missing Link
w/e 27 June 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Having reached Pewit Carr we negotiated the (still) muddy patch and another puddle near the entrance to continue our walk through the Nature Reserve in order to complete the Walking For Health (WFH) route back to Swan Lake.

Pewit Carr

We stuck to the main path through Pewit Carr but there are other paths leading back to the embankment we had crossed earlier. One is just visible in the lower centre of this image and another runs along another embankment on the right which once carried a railway line.
Alternatve Exit

Another path exits the Reserve into fields at the rear of properties on High Lane East at West Hallam and the path continues up to the road. We however swung round to the left to continue through the Reserve.
Wooded Area

It's now a pleasant walk with a wooded area on the left and glimpses of a Sports Ground to the right.
Sports Ground

This is the Arthur Fisher Memorial Ground, now home to the Nutbrook Cricket Club but still remembered as the EMEB Sports and Social Club Ground where I spent many hours with the Ilkeston Electric Football Club.

Ilkeston Electric FC 1972-73

Ilkeston Electric FC 1972-73
Red Admiral

Our walk through Pewit Carr was accompanied by bird song although we didn't see many birds as they were high in the trees but a Red Admiral butterfly decided to land at the side of us in a sunny spot at the edge of the path.
Path End

Eventually we reached the end of the path and exited the Reserve to join High Lane East.
High Lane East

Turning left we walked along High Lane East for a couple of hundred yards before turning through a gap in the hedge to re-enter the Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve, Swan Lake.
Wildflower Meadow

The path leads through the wildflower meadow to the water's edge.
Reception Committee

And at the water's edge a reception committee was waiting expecting another feed.

Swan Lake

The "missing link" now continues around Swan Lake to pick up the WFH route on the far side to return to the Victoria Park Leisure Centre in Ilkeston, the route we followed earlier in the year in Part 03 of the original walk when we were forced to vary the planned route..

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