Walking For Health
Swan Lake Loop (variation) - Part 02
w/e 04 April 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The middle part of this WFH route continues through Manor Floods Nature Reserve to Pewit Carr.

Manor Floods

The main path through the Nature Reserve is still the Nutbrook Trail but other footpaths lead around the main body of water. We had come armed with a bag full of bird food and although there were only a few birds on the water a group of ducks were sitting on the grass but as we approached they took to the water and swam away.

We still left some food for them and then turned off the Nutbrook Trail to cross the footbridge over the Nut Brook and into Pewit Carr which is yet another Nature Reserve.
Pewit Carr

We may have come prepared to feed the birds but we had not been prepared with suitable footwear to walk through Pewit Carr, which is an area of wetland, grassland and woods.
The Nut Brook

It was here that we had to abandon the WFH route, or rather vary it, and find another way to Swan Lake so we returned over the Nut Brook and retraced our steps back to the former railway embankment.

At the embankment we turned off the Nutbrook Trail and followed this up and down path to the top of the embankment.

From there we took the flight of steps down that we had seen earlier in the walk. The path and steps would surely disqualify this route being sanctioned as an official Walking For Health route which should be level without steps wherever possible but it did enable us to enter the Swan Lake Nature Reserve through the kissing gate.
Middle Pond

Had we been able to follow the intended route through Pewit Carr to High Lane East, we would have entered the Nature Reserve at the largest pond but this way took us to the middle pond in the Reserve.

Again there was a scarcity of waterfowl on the water but we did leave some more food for a couple of swans.
Swan Lake

We took the path between the middle and small ponds, walked under the former railway bridge to reach the main pond at Swan Lake at the opposite side to the intended route. Although this knocked about half a mile off the proposed walk, it did enable us to reach our objective.


There was much more wildlife here too and unlike the other ducks we saw, these two mallards were much more appreciative of the food we offered them.
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