Walking For Health
Potter's Loop - Part 02
w/e 09 February 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This second part of the Potter's Loop walk completes the circuit back to the Victoria Park Leisure Centre.

Potter's Lock

After crossing the canal bridge at Potter's Lock this walk and the Gallows Inn Linear diverge to go their separate ways with the former turning right to walk past the lock and continue along the towpath northwards.
Erewash Canal

The next half mile (and a little more) is along the towpath of the Erewash Canal, first as it wends its way alongside the River Erewash a few feet below to the right.
Straight Run

It then straightens out to the Station Road bridge with the Gordon Street Playing fields (commonly known as The Ashes) on the other side of the canal.
The Ashes

As I walked along here on the Saturday morning there were sounds coming from The Ashes where it appeared a football match was being played but I couldn't see much of it due to the high bank on the other side and a line of spectators on the edge of the pitch.
Wash Meadow

Now while this walk starts by following the same route as the Gallows Inn Linear, it concludes by joining the Parks and Water walk back to the Leisure Centre. This means that after the road bridge and access point to the canal at Station Road, the canal sweeps around another bend passing another playing field at Wash Meadow on the other side. I left the towpath and crossed the canal bridge that is just visible on the right of this picture.

After walking across Johnny's - the name by which the playing field has been known for many years before its new monicker of Wash Meadow was even thought of - I headed for the exit in the diagonally opposite corner to the canal bridge.

Then by a series of paths, car parks and alleys made my way between the Critchley Street flats and the Tesco store to Chalons Way.
Chalons Way

It's then just a short walk to the pedestrian crossing at the northern end of Chalons Way.
Brussells Terrace

After crossing the road I continued along Brussells Terrace and Bath Street to Manners Road.
Manners Road

It was then a matter of climbing the hill past the Dunelm car park which occupies the site of the former Manor Ground, home of Ilkeston Town FC before it moved to the New Manor Ground, to reach the Victoria Park Leisure Centre again to mark the end of another Walking For Health route.
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