Walking For Health
Parks and Water - Part 01
w/e 07 April 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Having gone through the winter in good health it was something of a shock to be stricken with a sore throat, bouts of sneezing and a runny nose as soon as we changed the clocks to British Summer Time. An opportune time then to partake of this three mile Walking for Health route although I am yet to be convinced of the health benefits of walking through Ilkeston whilst dodging the April showers when a cold wind is blowing too.

Victoria Park

The Monday Strollers' Walking for Health group have several walks starting at the Victoria Park Leisure Centre and this one is no exception. Like several of the others that radiate from the Centre it begins with a walk through Victoria Park itself.
New Lawn Road

From the top gate of the park the route, with safety in mind, uses the pedestrian crossings to cross King George Avenue and Wharncliffe Road to continue along the whole length of New Lawn Road.

A left turn at the junction with Pimlico leads to the town centre.
Market Place

Entering the Market Place between the King's Head on the left and the Sir John Warren on the right the Strollers on a Monday would walk diagonally across to the opposite corner but on a market day it's a matter of negotiating the market stalls to reach the other side.
Rutland Mill

Market day too means that taxis are waiting for fares on Market Street rather than in front of the library. Despite part of the pavement being cordoned off to allow painting of the railings around the Corner Cafe, it's easy enough to find a way along Market Street to Hallcroft Road in front of the Rutland Garments factory which has recently been converted into the Rutland Mill Apartments. From this point on the Market Place it is just possible to make out the footbridge over Chalons Way to the left of the former factory.

From Hallcroft Road however there is a much better view of the bridge that forms the next part of the route.
To Vincent Avenue

And from the far side of the bridge on the "whirligig" descent from the bridge the footpath between the old St Mary's churchyard and the housing estate built on the site of the former Hallcroft Schools can be seen leading to Vincent Avenue.
Old Park

At the far end of Vincent Avenue the route continues across the second park on the walk that of Chaucer Old Park or as most people know it, 'Illy 'Oleys. This commonly used name is derived from the hills and holes that were produced from mineral mining here in the distant past.

The path through the park leads to Cantelupe Road and Park Cemetery which is our next port of call. Notice too the War Memorial seen here between the cemetery chapels and the tree at the edge of the road.

Maybe it's my warped sense of humour but I've always thought it a little odd taking a Walking for Health group through a cemetery but in all honesty it is a more pleasant route than following the road round. The path winds its way through between some ornate tombstones up and down the hollows which continue from 'Illy 'Oleys down to the River Erewash. Despite what you think, that spectral circle is not a spirit rising from the graves but merely a raindrop that landed on the camera lens from one of those April showers.

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