Walking For Health
Parks and Water - Part 02
w/e 14 April 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Park Cemetery

A walk through Park Cemetery is like a walk through history from the large grandiose tombstones on the undulating ground near the chapels at the top to the more recent graves with simpler but equally sincere memorials on the lower, more level ground towards the lower part of the cemetery.
Cantelupe Road

Leaving by the bottom gate the route turns right down and across Cantelupe Road to follow the footpath between the houses straight ahead to reach the water part of the walk by the Erewash Canal.
The Ashes

A left turn on reaching the canal leads to the Gordon Street Playing Fields which are known locally as The Ashes. Having already walked through two parks, this is the first of two recreational areas on the route with the water part of the walk being the canal to the right of the path on the playing fields.

Erewash Canal

Continuing from The Ashes along Rupert Street to Station Road, the canal is separated from the road by a number of properties but a right turn at Station Road leads over the canal to a steep flight of steps down to the towpath on the other side.

The route now is along the towpath behind the Waterside Retail Park to a footbridge back over the water and on to the second recreational area.

From the footbridge the whole length of that recreational area officially called Wash Meadows stretches in front. The objective is the far corner diagonally opposite. Like Gordon Street Playing Fields, Wash Meadows also has another name and is known locally as Johnny's.

Leaving Johnny's by this alley at the corner brings an end to both the water and the parks elements of the route but to complete the circuit, the way is forward keeping the boundary wall/fence on the right.
Critchley Street Flats

Crossing a couple of car parking areas the path passes between the Critchley Street flats on the left and the Tesco Supermarket on the other side of the fence on the right.
Chalons Way

It eventually reaches Chalons Way and continues by the side of the road to the pedestrian crossing.
Manners Road

All that remains now to complete the walk is to cross Chalons Way, to Brussells Terrace and Bath Street before walking up Manners Road back to the Victoria Park Leisure Centre. Or, as the Monday Strollers used to do, divert into Bath Street for a warm drink in a local Coffee shop!

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