Walking For Health
Ilkeston Circular - Part 03
w/e 24 February 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

To complete the three mile circuit we pick up the route again on Cantelupe Road.

Cantelupe Road

Cantelupe Roadfarfield AvenueThe original planned route was revised in order to avoid a grassy bank from Flamstead Road onto The Ashes which involved a small detour along Cantelupe Road (left) and Farfield Road (right) but following a mishap when a lady slipped on wet grass on The Ashes, it was later revised again to continue down Cantelupe Road to the corner and then take the jitty between the houses and onto the canal tow path.
Canal Bank

A very short walk along the tow path leads along the canal bank to access The Ashes where a tarmac path runs parallel to the canal bank.
The Ashes

From the path the grassy bank between the two football pitches is obvious and although not a problem for the able bodied, it could prove problematic for people with health or walking problems. A second bank in the distance leads up to the jitty onto Flamstead Road and can be seen just to the left of the paint-daubed green kiosk.

On a personal note I can never walk across The Ashes without thinking back to my school days. As Hallcroft did not have its own sports field, these pitches were often used during games lessons. I suspect the drainage may have been improved since those days but back then, this lower pitch always seemed to be waterlogged. Remember too that footballs then were usually made of leather and tended to soak up the water and become heavy when sodden. On one such occasion I had to take a corner kick and despite using all my strength, the ball only reached about knee height and barely reached the goal mouth but when it did, it skidded on the mud and went straight between the goal posts without anyone else touching it! It was only a friendly game between schoolmates but the memory of that goal has always remained with me.
Rupert Street

Crossing the car park for The Ashes or Gordon Street Playing Fields as the Council now like to call it (Gordon Street is to the left) the Walking For Health route continues straight on along Rupert Street to Station Road opposite the Good Old Days pub. And in the good old days the site on the right where the new houses now stand was once occupied by a builder's merchant.
Station Road

Blake StreetStreet ArtTurning left into Station Road which we covered in much greater detail in the First Impressions series, the route continues as far as the pedestrian crossing near the top of Blake Street (left). Walking down Blake Street leads to another green open space known locally as Johnny's. The walls surround Johnny's have become a favourite spot for street artists (right).

More street art can be seen on the far wall on the left of this image but the diagonal path across Wash Meadow (another name preferred by the Council) passes between a play area and a basketball practice area.
Millership Way

The exit from Johnny's is adjacent to a pedestrian crossing at the end of Millership Way, another route we followed in the First Impressions series. From here we again follow the same route along Rutland Street but since then a new KFC has been built and opened on the former Gas Works site.
Rutland Street

At the pedestrian crossing at the end of Rutland Street the walking group leaders usually checked to make sure the same number had returned as had started out from the Leisure Centre for it was here that several of the walkers would peel off to the left to enjoy a welcome drink at an establishment on Bath Street. They would then return to the Leisure Centre via Manners Road which can be seen directly ahead above the grey car. The restored Stanton wagon can also be seen on the island at the end of Chalons Way.
Manor Road

To complete the three miles though without the drinks diversion, the route continues to Heanor Road, crossing to climb the hill up Manor Road and back to the car park at the rear of the Leisure Centre.
Leisure Centre

We saw a picture of the car park at the start of the walk so here to finish it is a view of the front of the Centre which is the usual meeting place for the walking group.

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As this is a circular walk it can be joined at any point and it is never very far from the town centre but if you would like to see a map/aerial view of the whole route, then follow this link.

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